Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch plastic surgery news is trending on the internet as people claim that the TikTok star may have gone under the knife to change her look. Here are more facts about it.

Bella Poarch is a famous TikTok star from the Philippines who is now based in America. Poarch has gained millions of followers on her social media handles.

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Furthermore, Poarch is the most followed TikTok contributor in the Philippines. Apart from being the TikTok sensation, Poarch is also a veteran of the United States Military.

In addition, Bella is also interested in music and in 2021, she released her debut single named Build a Bitch. She also signed a music record deal with Warner Records in the same year.

Bella Poarch Plastic Surgery Before And After

Bella Poarch has been rumored to be done plastic surgery, as many people have compared her before and after images. Her fans and followers have also said that Poarch looks completely different than in the past.

Due to that, social media users also believe that Bella has done plastic surgery to change her looks. However, the TikTok star herself has not made any comments about it.

Apart from that, multiple videos have been made on TikTok, and some people have also shared their thoughts on Reddit regarding Poarch’s plastic surgery.

Bella Poarch Plastic Surgery
People have compared Bella Poarch’s before and after photos on social media. (Source: Be The Knockout)

In addition to that, a video has been shared on the YouTube channel of Dr. Gary Motykie, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. In the video, he evaluated Poarch’s before and after and revealed what procedures she might’ve undergone to achieve her look. 

Dr. Gary said he noticed changes in Poarch’s appearance and also said that she had surely done surgery. 

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Bella Poarch Transformation And Facial Update

Bella Poarch looks pretty different, and her images clearly show that the TikTok star has transformed a lot. Also, she has changes in her face.

As said earlier, Poarch’s appearance has been analyzed by Dr. Gary Motykie. In the video shared on his channel, he said Poarch does not look Filipino anymore as she may have had surgery.

Bella Poarch Transformation
The face of Bella Poarch looks pretty different, and many people compare it. (Source: Instagram)

The surgeon claimed that Poarch seems to have done rhinoplasty, upper eyelid surgery, and jawline contouring. He compared Bella’s before and after photos.

He compared Bella’s face and reported that she may have done the above-mentioned procedures to change her looks. Also, it has been said that the TikTok personality may have used some lip fillers.

What Is Bella Poarch Height?

Like Bella Poarch’s surgery and facial updates, fans have asked about her height. As of now, multiple online portals have mentioned Poarch’s height to be above 5 feet.

However, her actual height can’t be confirmed yet as Bella herself has not made any comments yet. Some sites also say that Bella is 4 feet 11 inches, but there is no truth about it.

Furthermore, Poarch is a native of the Philippines, and an average height of a Filipino is reported to be 149.6cm (4 feet 10.89 inches). 

Bella Poarch Height
Bella Poarch shared a photo on her Instagram handle. (Source: Instagram)

In her images, Bella looks like she stands above the average height. Moreover, the TikTok sensation may give some hints in the future as her fans have been eager to know her height for a long time. 

So, Bella can be followed on Instagram under the username @bellapoarch

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