Ben Riches Death

Ben Riches *****: After announcing the shocking news about the army veteran, many media outlets have taken over the duty to spread the word about him. 

Since Ben’s ***** was a sudden shock to everyone, people are inputting search queries like “Ben Riches *****” to find out more. In this article, we will report an in-depth study of the life and ***** of Ben. 

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Ben was only 30 years old when his dead body was found in his room. Since he had been an excellent servant for his country, the entire country is mourning the loss of a special one. His loss will be felt by his family members and the whole country. 

He was found hanging in his room, and by the time any attention reached him, he was already gone. Many people have posted their condolences and wished the family the best in these trying times. 

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Ben Riches *****: What Happened To Him?

Ben Riches *****: Several media sites have taken on the responsibility of spreading the word about the army veteran after releasing the tragic news about him.

Ben’s ***** came as a shocking shock to everyone; therefore, to learn more, people are typing in search terms like “Ben Riches *****.” Ben’s life and ***** will be thoroughly examined in this article.

Ben Riches
Ben Riches worked with the US Army in Iraq. (Source: DW)

In April 2019, less than three weeks after being rescued from the water at Fleetwood Beach following a failed assassination attempt, Ben Riches was discovered hanging in his home. 

Ben enlisted in the army in 2005 at 16, was sent to Iraq in 2007, and had numerous unpleasant encounters and life-threatening situations, including being struck by a roadside bomb.

As a result of these experiences, Ben developed hearing loss and was medically discharged in 2014. 

He communicated his desire to terminate his life to pals he had served with in the army via a Whatsapp group on April 11, 2019, 20 days after being pulled from the sea for a second time.

They called the Police, but he was already unresponsive when they got to his House. He was brought to A&E, but efforts to revive him proved fruitless. 

Ben’s treatment from the community mental health services will be examined during the Preston Coroner’s Court inquest, which is anticipated to last several days. 

Ben’s Father, Kevin, explained before coroner James Newman during a pre-inquest review in Poulton in October 2019 how the ex-serviceman was thought to have battled post-traumatic stress disorder for years before his passing.

Following that, he was sent to Afghanistan as part of Operation Herrick 12 on April 15, 2010. Since several of his buddies lost their lives during this trip, this deployment was especially difficult for him. 

Ben looked to be affected by both tours in a lasting way, and his family expressed their worries to the MOD regarding his mental health.

Ben was medically released on June 9 since his hearing didn’t satisfy the standards. Ben suffered severe burns and permanent disabilities in a Fire at his home the following year.

Ben’s mental health appeared to be getting worse starting in 2018. There were several instances where the Police detained him using their s136 powers under the Mental Health Act before releasing him after a mental health professional assessed him and connected his self-harming behaviors to alcohol abuse.

Ben Riches *****
Ben Riches committed suicide after having PTSD. (Source: Blackpool Gazette)

Ben attempted to end his life multiple times in 2019. Ben explained to his brother that he “drank to forget” his nightmares from Iraq and Afghanistan around a month before he passed away.

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