Bérengère Bonte Parents

People want to know about Bérengère Bonte parents. Bérengère Bonte is a French Journalist, author, and director who lives in Croix (Nord).

She began her career in radio in 1994 and then transitioned to television. Since 2013, she has signed TV documentaries for France 5.

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In 1991 1, she published her first pieces as a Journalist for Nord Éclair before moving on to La Voix du Nord.

She has worked significantly on the environment, politics, sports, and new technology. She is known for her eclecticism. She served as Europe 1 3’s deputy editor from July 2017 to January 2020.

Since the beginning of the academic year in August 2022, she has been employed as a Journalist by Radio France Info, where she hosts the daily column L’intrus de l’actu.

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Bérengère Bonte Parents: Father Pierre Bonte And Mother

Who are Bérengère Bonte Parents? Bérengère Bonte is not known to be related to Pierre Bonte, a Journalist from the North who was born in 1932 and spent significant time working on Europe 1 radio.

After receiving a D on her baccalaureate at the Maxence Van-Der-Meersch high school in Roubaix (59), she took an academic preparation course at the Albert-Châtelet high school in Douai, then at the Faidherbe high school in Lille, where she later earned a degree in modern letters.

Bérengère Bonte Parents
Bérengère Bonte Parents details. (Source: Patrick Memes)

She also received a diploma from the CELSA School of Journalism at the Sorbonne University.

She worked as the press representative for the Théâtre en Scène Theater Company, which Vincent Goethals created and ran and was based in the Pierre de Roubaix Theater in Roubaix when she was a student.

She serves as the director of Christine Bastin (La Folia), a contemporary dance Company.

Who Is Pierre Bonte?

French Journalist, author, and host Pierre Bonte was born in Pérenchies on September 15, 1932.

Pierre Bonte, the son of Émile Bonte, a baker who later worked in an office, and Antoinette Six (1895-1986), is from the Nord department, the birthplace of his eight great-grandparents.

Graduate of the Lille School of Journalism, he made his writing debut in 1954 at Ouest -France in Rennes before joining Europe No. 1 as a correspondent in 1956.

He developed one of the most well-known programs, Bonjour Monsieur le Maire, for this niche radio in 1959. Over 15 years, he presented more than 4,000 French communities with it.

Pierre Bonte, who wed in 1960, has two kids: Éric and Emmanuelle 3.

He doesn’t appear to be related to Bérengère Bonte, a Journalist from the North who, like him, was born in 1969 and has long worked for Europe 1 radio, but who may, for example, be mistaken for his daughter or niece.

Career Details Of Bérengère Bonte

She has also been a radio journalism instructor since 2002. She received the Trofemina 17 jury’s Media Woman of the Year award in 2012.

She was awarded the “Prix du Salon du Livre de Cosne sur Loire” that same year for her examination of the Council of Ministers, which Éditions du Moment had published.

She played tennis for fun and won the 2007 BNP Paribas Cup for Journalists at Roland Garros in the “unclassified” division.

She also enjoys scuba diving and studied piano and theater at the Roubaix Conservatory and Cours Florent.

She co-authored three political films in 2013 called In the Secret of the Council of Ministers, produced by Alexandre Amiel and Bruce Toussaint and aired on France 5 15 with Ella Cerfontaine.

Bérengère Bonte Parents
Pierre Bonte is a French Journalist , writer, radio, and television host. (Source: Patrick Memes)

For these three documentaries, she conducts almost fifty interviews with Fifth Republic ministers, prime ministers, and presidents.

She founded Zéro Emission in January 2020 in collaboration with the production business CheckNews, where she serves as editor-in-chief.

Yann-Antony Noghès and Chloé Nabédian host the biweekly program, and the only one focused on climate issues regarding the economy, health, research, sport, etc.

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