Bernie Madoff Wife Death

People are curious to learn about Bernie Madoff’s wife’s ***** hoax on the Internet. Almost many celebrities have faced ***** rumors.

Netflix just dropped a new docu-series called Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street! This shows around Bernie Madoff, the fraudster & financier who was the mastermind of the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

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The series has detailed how Madoff stole roughly $65 billion from thousands of clients and how he was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

He was serving in prison when he died on April 14, 2021, at 82. So, the Netflix series is based on his story, and people have been more curious about him.

Read further to clarify his wife’s ***** hoax and detail about his family. 

Bernie Madoff Wife ***** Hoax- Is Ruth Madoff Still Alive?

Ruff Madoff is the widow of Bernie Madoff, and she is still alive and living her life. 

Often rumors about the ***** of famous personalities come in public just to take the audience’s attention. People who make rumors just do for the views and attention people give to their posts.

If you are curious that the ***** hoax started because of any health issues, Ruth is doing fine with her health.

Ruth Madoff, Bernie Madoff's wife, shared her feelings after her husband's *****.
Ruth Madoff, Bernie Madoff’s wife, shared her feelings after her husband’s *****. (Source: NBC New York)

Do not follow the rumor about Ruth Madoff since the Netflix series has been dropped.

She was born on May 18, 1941, in New York, which means she is 81 years old.

She was born to Saul Alpern, and Sara Alpern, both of her parents are no more with her. Her Father was an accountant who died in 1999, and her mother passed away in 1996. 

Madoff shared a great relationship with both of them. Along with her, she was raised with a sister Joan Roman, and they grew up practicing Jewish families.

Bernie Madoff and Ruth Madoff were married very young; they met during high school and shared their vows when Ruth was 18. 

They got married in 1959 after being in a relationship for a long time. They were a very inspirational couple for many of them.

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Where Are Their Family?

The couple has a family; they married in 1959 and shared two children. But unfortunately, both of them are not in this world.

In 1994, the pair welcomed their first child together, son Mark Madoff and became a family again after two months; they grew their family with another child, Andrew Madoff.

Bernie Madoff with his sons, Mark and Andrew.
Bernie Madoff with his sons, Mark and Andrew. (Source: People)

Both children were very understanding and loveable, but Mark, their elder son, committed suicide in 2010. It must be very heartbreaking for his family. His Father was in prison for two years when this happened.

Mark committed suicide by hanging himself in the living room of his apartment when he was 46 and working at his Father’s firm at a trading desk. He also had a family, a wife, and a son.

Just after four years, their second son Andrew died because of Cancer. Andrew learned about Cancer, with mantle cell lymphoma, in 2003.

His mother, Ruth, was with him all the time when he was at the hospital battling Cancer. Andrew also has two children.

Ruth was suffering, she lost her two children, and her husband was in prison for a lifetime. He also died in 2021 due to  hypertensionatherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease at 82.

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