Bernie Marsden Illness

Bernie Marsden illness has been a topic of interest for people after his death news went viral on the internet. Guitarist for English rock and blues bands Bernard John Marsden. 

He is most recognized for his work with Whitesnake, having penned or co-penned several of the band’s hit songs with David Coverdale.

After Deep Purple disbanded, Jon Lord and Ian Paice started the band Paice Ashton Lord. The third segment was played on keyboards by longtime collaborator Tony Ashton. 

Marsden, who appeared at the audition with bassist Paul Martinez, was suggested by Cozy Powell. There was a lot of anticipation for the band. 

Still, after one album and only five shows, the group disbanded in the middle of recording a second album in Munich, which was significant because it was there that Marsden first met David Coverdale.

Be with us till the end to learn about Bernie Marsden illness and health before his death.

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Bernie Marsden Illness And Health Before Death

Because of Bernie Marsden illness he recently lost his life. Bernie Marsden, a founding member of Whitesnake, has shared a video message with his followers describing recent health challenges.

Last night (August 22), the guitarist posted a video on social media for the first time in six weeks, revealing that he had surgery in June.

After the procedure, 71-year-old Marsden claimed he developed “acute dehydration” and needed to stay in the hospital once more for a week.

Marsden apologized to fans, calling it “a difficult year,” for being unable to perform live at the Firestorm Rock Festival in Manchester earlier this month and for postponing his scheduled appearance at the Blues In Hell Festival in Norway on September 3.

Bernie Marsden Illness
Bernie Marsden illness has been his cause of death. (Source: Wikipedia)


The good news is that he is improving and becoming stronger every day. 

The full text of Bernie Marsden’s message mentioned that he haven’t posted anything in a long. Several events occurred to him in the past few months. 

He had surgery in June, and afterward, he was doing very well and getting better when he had acute dehydration, which required me to stay in the hospital for approximately a week.

Marsden left quietly on Thursday night, August 24, 2023, with his wife and two daughters at his side. 

David Coverdale, a former bandmate of Marsden’s, later posted his sympathies on Friday morning on his Twitter (X) account. 

Guitarist Battled With Alzheimer

Bernie Marsden, a great blues rock guitarist and co-founder of Whitesnake, died quietly in the evening of Thursday, August 24, 2023, with his wife and daughters by his side, according to a statement issued by his family today (Friday, 25 August).  

Before his passing, he reportedly battled an ailment, according to some accounts. The family has not yet provided a cause of death for Bernie Marsden, though.

Despite our best efforts to compile critical information and provide timely updates, the family’s privacy must also be maintained.

Bernie Marsden illness
Bernie will always be missed by everyone who used to love his music. (Source: Planet Radio)

Whitesnake co-founder Bernie Marsden recently issued a video message with his followers about current health difficulties. 

The musician shared a video on social media for the first time in six weeks on August 22, 2022, disclosing that he had undergone surgery in June.

71-year-old Marsden claimed that he developed “acute dehydration” after the procedure, which necessitated another week in the hospital.

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