Bijou Phillips Weight Loss

Bijou Phillips weight loss was a notable aspect of her health journey, reflecting the physical toll of her kidney disease and treatment.

Bijou Phillips, known for her work as an actress and model, privately battled kidney disease for several years before her health struggles came to light in 2017. 

This revelation shocked many of her fans and followers, shedding light on her long-standing medical condition that had largely remained hidden from the public eye. 

In this article, we will delve into the details of Bijou Phillips’ journey, from her struggle with kidney disease to the successful kidney transplant that changed her life. 

Also, explore the impact of her health on her personal life and her remarkable transformation, which includes significant weight loss.

Bijou Phillips Weight Loss Linked To Blood Infection

Bijou Phillips’ weight loss was a noticeable side effect of her battle with kidney disease and blood infection.

Bijou Phillips Weight Loss
This tweet is about Bijou Phillips’ hospitalization in 2017 due to a serious blood infection. (Source: Twitter)

She experienced a significant health scare in February 2017 when she was rushed to a Santa Barbara hospital due to a blood infection and a high fever. For years before this incident, she had been quietly contending with kidney disease.

The shock of this revelation was amplified by the fact that Bijou had managed to keep her health struggles out of the spotlight for a substantial amount of time.

The impact of her kidney disease on her health was profound, leading her to rely on dialysis and adhere to a strict vegan diet to manage the condition. 

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However, despite these efforts, her health continued deteriorating, culminating in the blood infection that landed her in the hospital.

Did Bijou Phillips Get Kidney Transplant?

Bijou Phillips did receive a kidney transplant after her hospitalization in 2017.

Bijou Phillips Weight Loss
This tweet is about Bijou Phillips being hospitalized with a blood infection and the subsequent need for a kidney transplant. (Source: Twitter)

The news of her hospitalization sent shockwaves through her social circle and the media as it became apparent that she needed a kidney transplant to survive.

Dialysis and a vegan diet, while commendable efforts to manage her condition, were no longer sufficient to sustain her health. The situation was dire, but a glimmer of hope was on the horizon.

A source close to Bijou revealed to TMZ, “Bijou recently found out she has a friend that is a match and is optimistic she will have a transplant soon.”

The prospect of a kidney transplant was a ray of hope in Bijou’s challenging and uncertain journey. The possibility of receiving a healthy kidney from a friend was a testament to the importance of a strong support system during adversity. 

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Before her surgery, Bijou Phillips took to Instagram to express her gratitude and apprehension about the impending transplant.

Bijou Phillips Before And After Photos 

Bijou Phillips’ before-and-after photos following her successful kidney transplant showcased her remarkable transformation.

Before her kidney transplant, Bijou’s health struggles affected her physical appearance. The toll of kidney disease, dialysis, and her vegan diet was evident in her appearance. 

She appeared noticeably thinner and more frail than before, a stark contrast to the vibrant and confident persona she had portrayed in the past.

Bijou’s weight loss resulted from her medical condition and the treatment she was undergoing.

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Her focus was on regaining her health and vitality. Her transformation was a testament to her resilience in adversity.

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