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Is Bill Bailey Vegan? People have been discussing the topic of Bill Bailey being vegan or vegetarian. Let’s find out what he means by “I’m a vegetarian; I’m not strict.”

Mark Robert Bailey is professionally known as Bill Bailey, from Bath, Somerset, England. 

People know Bailey for his role as Manny in the sitcom Black Books. Also, he is famous for stand-up comedy.

Bailey has always talked about being healthy and eating healthy food, so people have assumed that he has been vegan for some time.

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Bill Bailey Is Not Vegan “I’m A Vegetarian, I’m Not Strict,” Bill Said

Bill Bailey himself confirmed that he is not vegan. He has just followed the rules and things vegans follow.

He said that he has been vegetarian but is not much strict about it, which means he does not eat meat but has been eating fish and duck.

Bailey has always followed his health strictly, like sleeping on time, working for work on time, and having his meal on time.

But he has never been strict about his diet, like being vegetarian Bailey has been vegetarian for almost five years or more, but he has been continuously eating fish and duck.

Quotes shared by Bill Bailey in past.
Quotes shared by Bill Bailey in the past. (Source: Quote Park)

Bailey also shared that not eating on time and not being able to sleep on time can ruin your health just in one day.

Although he spent time and became busy with work, he never skipped meals. He always stops by to have lunch or dinner.

Also, he always goes to bed at 7 pm, it is difficult for stars to follow sleep schedules regularly, but most of the time, he goes to bed fast to wake up early.

One day after being vegetarian for a long time, he craved meat, and that was the first time he thought it through. 

He suggested that being vegetarian is not easy and that if you crave meat one day, just have it and don’t have a second thought.

So, not being strict means he is vegetarian but eats fish and duck and does not strictly follow being vegetarian.

More about Bill Bailey 

Bailey was good at sports back in high school, but doing comedy and being in a singing group has always interested him.

He used to focus on music classes more often, and during his music class, his teacher gave him the name “Bill.”

So, after graduation, he started his career as a comedian; he has been doing comedy for almost 30 years, and he began in 1989.

Also, after some time, he was involved in an acting career; he did his first television show, Is It Bill Bailey? a comedy series.

Bill started his International tour in 2001; his recent tour was in Australia & New Zealand for ” En Route to Normal.” 

Bailey was listed as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy in 2003 by The Observer. 


He gained lots of attention again after he was voted the seventh greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4‘s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups in two years, 2007 and 2010.

Additionally, in recent years he was the oldest winner in the show BBC dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing with his partner Oti Mabuse. 

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