Bill Granger Wife

Bill Granger wife, Natalie Elliot, played a pivotal role as his life companion.

The culinary world mourns the loss of Australian self-taught cook, restaurateur, and food writer, Bill Granger. He passed away on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, at the age of 54.

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Granger was renowned for his global chain of restaurants and love for breakfast delicacies. He left an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape.

Beyond his culinary prowess, Bill Granger’s personal life unfolded as a tale of family, passion, and legacy.

In this article, we delve into the life of the esteemed chef, exploring the details of his family, particularly his wife Natalie Elliot, and their three daughters, Edie, Ines, and Bunny.

Chef: Bill Granger Wife: Who Is Natalie Elliot? 

At the heart of Bill Granger’s personal and professional journey was his partnership with his wife Natalie Elliot.

Bill Granger Wife
Bill Granger’s culinary legacy endures through his restaurants and the passion instilled in his daughters. (Source: dailytelegraph)

Married to Natalie, Granger and his wife embarked on a culinary venture in 1999. They established a global chain of restaurants that began in Australia and expanded to the UK, Japan, Korea, and the USA.

Their collaboration resulted in the creation of an international culinary empire. It comprised 19 restaurants worldwide.

In a 2019 interview, Granger shared insights into his family’s dietary preferences. He revealed that he hailed from a unique background.

His father was a butcher and mother was vegetarian. Interestingly, he disclosed that Natalie, too, was a vegetarian until they met.

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They had shared journey in the culinary world and had commitment to expanding their restaurant business. It underscored a dynamic partnership that extended beyond familial ties.

Meet Bill Granger Daughters Edie, Ines And Bunny

Bill Granger and Natalie Elliot’s union was blessed with three daughters—Edie, Ines, and Bunny. 

Bill Granger Wife
Granger captured alongside his wife, Natalie Elliott, and their three daughters, Edie, Inès, and Bunny. (Source: dailymail)

These young women carry the legacy of their esteemed father. They are also carving their paths, each uniquely contributing to the family’s narrative.

In the wake of Bill Granger’s passing, his daughter Ines, aged 20, stands out as a torchbearer of his culinary passion. An enthusiast of cooking, Ines has established an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing her culinary creations.

The page features a delightful array of dishes ranging from Asian delicacies to Italian specialties. It reflects a genuine love for the culinary arts passed down from her father.

In addition to her culinary pursuits, Ines is a student at the City & Guilds of London Art School (CGLAS), where she also displays her creative works.

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In a heartfelt Father’s Day gesture, she shared a card she made for Granger, featuring a fried-egg pattern and the words “Best sous chef ever.” 

Bill Granger Family Background: Where Was He From?

Bill Granger, born on August 29, 1969, had his roots in Melbourne, Australia.

In the late 1980s, he made a pivotal move from Melbourne to Sydney, initially to pursue studies in art. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when his interest shifted from art to food.

Working as a waiter while studying, Granger’s passion for food blossomed. It led to the opening of his first restaurant, Bills, in 1993, located in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst.

Granger’s culinary ventures expanded beyond Australia, reaching international shores. In 2008, he opened the first Bills restaurant outside Australia in Japan, a country where he had previously lived.

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This marked the beginning of a successful venture, with subsequent restaurant openings in various Japanese cities.

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