Bill Hayden was an Australian politician

Was Bill Hayden Catholic? The Australian politician passed away at the age of 90. Here is everything you can explore about his religion and ethnicity. 

Bill Hayden was an Australian politician and the 21st governor-general of Australia, serving from 1989 to 1996. Further, the politician was the Leader of the Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition for more than a decade, from 1977 to 1983. 

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Similalry, under Bob Hawke’s service, Hayden also served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Bill was also positioned as the Treasurer of Australia in 1975 under Gough Whitlam.

From his early career, he developed an interest in pursuing his career in the political field, and he officially made his career start in 1953 when Bill joined the Queensland Police Force. 

The sudden demise of one of the successful politicians has brought a shocking wave into the internet. Liekwise, many are eager to know his religion and other personal details. 

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Was Bill Hayden Catholic? Former Governor General Religion Explored

Bill Hayden religion is trending on the internet sources as he was known for his atheism and secular beliefs.

Meanwhile, during his time as Governor-General, he famously identified as an atheist and did not take the traditional oath of office that included a reference to God.

Furthermore, he used to be straight out opposed to religion. Once, he also mentioned that his father was a very bitter anti-religionist.

Bill Hayden Catholic
Former labor leader Bill Hayden ­renounced his atheism and was baptized into the Catholic Church at age 85. (Source: The Australian)

Furthermore, he intensely disliked the church, and his feelings were put to the test when he and his wife, Dallas, tragically lost their eldest daughter, Michaela, in 1966.

In September 2018, Hayden became a Roman Catholic and was baptized at St Mary’s Church in Ipswich. Family, friends, and former colleagues came to the baptism ceremony.

Sadly, Hayden passed away on October 21, 2023, at 90, and people have been asking many questions about his religion.

Bill Hayden Ethnicity And Origin

Bill Hayden’s ethnicity has also dragged the eyes of many people. He was born in Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia. So, he was of Australian nationality, but the details about his ethnicity remain unclear.

Many online sources have claimed that he was of a European ethnic background. His dad was an American seaman, probably born in California, while his mom was born in Brandon, Queensland.

Bill Hayden ethnicity
Social media users tweeted about Bill Hayden’s ***** and paid him the final tribute. (source: Twitter)

So, from his parents’ side, Hayden was of mixed ethnicity. Apart from that, Hayden’s family first lived in a boardinghouse in Fortitude Valley for a year before moving to a rented cottage in the working-class neighborhood of Highgate Hill.

Hayden continued to South Brisbane Intermediate School, where he passed the state scholarship exam in 1947. More details related to his ethnic background remain unclear, as Hayden never said anything to the media.

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A Look At Bill Hayden Family Life

Bill Hayden was a family man who loved spending most of his spare time with his close ones. He was a happily married man who lived blissfully with his wife, Dallas Hayden.

The pair were together for over six decades and gave birth to four kids. Apart from that, Hayden was born William George Hayden on January 23, 1933, in Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia.

It has been reported that his parents married a few weeks after his birth. According to a report, Hayden had a younger brother, two younger sisters and an older half-brother from his mother’s first marriage.

Bill Hayden family
A snap of Bill Hayden with his siblings on the day of his baptism. (Source: ABC News)

Both of his parents had been previously married and became widowed. Hayden lived in a boardinghouse in Fortitude Valley for a year, and then the family moved to a rented cottage in the working-class neighborhood of Highgate Hill.

Currently, the Hayden family is mourning the loss of their beloved member. So, Genius Celebs also pays a heartfelt condolence to the whole family, friends, and relatives.

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