Black Rifle Coffee Company

The Salt Lake City, Utah-based coffee Company Black Rifle has made headlines for a fair share of a dispute over the years.

Here is what we know about Black Rifle Coffee Controversy.

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If you are one of that coffee lovers, you must have heard about the American coffee Company Black Rifle.

The Company got hyped up in 2017 after pleading to hire 10,000 veterans to oppose Starbucks’ promise to employ 10,000 refugees.

Former Green Beret Evan Hafer founded the Company in 2014. In the early days, he sold a small volume of coffee through his friend’s circle. 

The fortunate success quickly motivated Harfer to launch his brand and website, where he promoted his coffee and other branded accessories. 

The company later specialized in its online, direct-to-consumer coffee subscription service, where over 100,000 subscribers were subscribed. 

With the firm’s growing success, it has also produced several controversial social media videos, including military humor with hipster jokes and guns. 

The company also merged with SilverBox Engaged Merger Corporation in November 2021 with a special-purpose investment company to raise funds for their growth.

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Black Rifle Coffee Controversy

Black Rifle Coffee Company is one of America’s most successful and leading coffee companies. However, the coffee company’s controversy is no longer strange. 

The company has gained over a thousand customers since its starting date, and fans are impressed by its marketing strategy and products. 

Along with this, Black Rifle Coffee Company has been through multiple controversies with other brands.

Talking about the 2017 incident, they faced a public battle with Starbucks. 

President Donald Trump assessed traveling to certain countries when offering support to the refugees from those countries; Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company Controversy
Black Rifle Coffee Company promotes its brands through this picture. (Source: Coffee Affection)

On the other hand, social media users played the main role by where rebels were holding Starbucks cups.

So, to face Starbucks and support the president’s decision, Black Rifle promised to hire 10,000 veterans. 

The situation got more media attention after Starbucks reminded the world of its promise to hire 5,000 military veterans yearly.

Later Hafer conveyed his overview, saying that Starbucks’ vow was publicity.

According to Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee’s pledges were never intended to be a publicity stunt but more of what the company formed as and who they were.

Why Dallas Cowboys Faced Criticism After Partnership?

After a great controversy with the giant coffee Starbucks, Black Rifle Coffee Company has made another media headline as people are talking about the Dallas Cowboys facing criticism after their partnership with the Company. 

In July 2022, the Cowboys announced their partnership with the coffee company via Twitter.

And the posts also include a video that shows a man wearing camouflage drinking out of a mug with the Black Riffle’s logo on it.

Within some hours, the posts started getting backlash on social media.

Critics commented that the day before, the gunman killed seven people, and many were injured at a Fourth of July celebration in Highland Park, Ill. 

Not only that, people started noting less than two months earlier, the gunman in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 children and two teachers.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Controversy
Dallas Cowboys during their match. (Source: The New York Times)

Evan Hafer also stated the controversies by saying the company and the Cowboys are relentlessly devoted to supporting veterans. 

Many critics have mentioned the massive amount of money the Company paid the veterans, Police and their families to gain fame.

People are highly concerned about the dealing as they don’t seem happy to let it happen. 

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