Bob Guccione Wife

Find the intriguing life of Bob Guccione wife, Kathy Keeton, and April Dawn Warren. Bob was married four times throughout his life.

Bob Guccione, whose full name was Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini Guccione, was an American photographer and publisher.

He is best known as the founder of Penthouse magazine, an adult magazine that aimed to compete with Hugh Hefner’s Playboy.

But featured more explicit content, unique soft-focus photography, and in-depth reporting on various topics, including government corruption scandals and the art world.

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Who Are Bob Guccione Wife April Dawn Warren And Kathy Keeton? 

Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse magazine, had two significant women in his life: Kathy Keeton and April Dawn Warren.

Kathy Keeton and April Dawn Warren played significant roles in Bob Guccione’s life and the Penthouse empire, each leaving a distinctive mark in the publishing and adult entertainment industry.

Bob Guccione Wife
Kathy Keeton and April Dawn Warren played pivotal roles. (Image Source: Toronto Star)

Both women’s legacies endure, marking them as influential figures in the complex world of adult entertainment and publishing.

Kathy Keeton and Bob Guccione are no longer alive. Kathy Keeton passed away on September 19, 1997, due to complications from surgery. She was 58 years old at the time.

Bob Guccione, on the other hand, passed away on October 20, 2010, at the age of 79. He died in Plano, Texas, with his wife, April Dawn Warren, by his side.

Bob Guccione Relationship Timeline With April Dawn Warren

The relationship between Bob Guccione and April Dawn Warren was a significant chapter in the life of the Penthouse magazine founder.

During the late 1990s, Kathy Keeton, Bob Guccione’s long-time companion and third wife, tragically passed away due to complications from surgery. This event marked a turning point in Guccione’s life.

After Kathy Keeton’s passing, April Dawn Warren entered Guccione’s life.

April, an ex-model, and Kathy Keeton had reportedly become friends during Keeton’s last few months. This friendship laid the foundation for April’s connection to Guccione.

Bob Guccione Wife
Bob Guccione and April Dawn Warren’s relationship marked a publishing era. (Image Source: Getty Images

Bob and April Dawn Warren were engaged significantly before tying the knot. During this time, they continued to work together in the publishing world, particularly with Penthouse magazine.

Bob and April finally married in 2006. Their union marked a new phase in Guccione’s personal life and their shared journey in the publishing industry.

April’s role extended to that of Creative Director for Penthouse magazine, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the publication’s content and direction.

Her influence contributed to Penthouse’s evolution in response to changing industry dynamics.

Bob Guccione Relationship Timeline With Kathy Keeton

Bob Guccione met Kathy Keeton in the late 1960s. They began a personal and professional partnership that would span several decades.

After many years together, Bob and Kathy married in 1988. Their marriage solidified their commitment to each other and their shared ventures.

Keeton played a crucial role in Guccione’s publishing empire.

She held the title of President/Chief Operating Officer of General Media Communications, Inc., and together they founded magazines like Viva and Omni.

Bob Guccione Wife
Bob and Kathy wed in 1988, cementing their enduring partnership. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Keeton faced significant health challenges, including a battle with breast cancer. Her pursuit of alternative treatments, as reported in Penthouse magazine, added a unique dimension to their shared journey.

Tragically, Kathy Keeton passed away in 1997 at the age of 58. Her death marked a profound loss for Bob Guccione, personally and professionally.

Despite her passing, Bob honored Kathy by listing her on the Penthouse masthead posthumously as president.

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