Bobbi Althoff Brother

Who is Bobbi Althoff Brother? The famous youtuber went viral on social media after interviewing Drake on his bed. Learn more about Bobbi in this article.

Bobbi Althoff is an American famous social media personality mostly known for creating comedy content related to married life and parenting tips.

She started her Tiktok journey in 2021. She also shares fashion, beauty routines, and other different categories of videos on her Tiktok account.

Moreover, Bobbi’s early Tiktok posts mainly focused on parenting and the pregnancy of her second baby.

In 2023, she started hosting “The Really Good Podcast” through which she uniquely interviewed different celebrities.

Althoff interviewed Drake on episode 4 of the podcast, which quickly gained popularity on social media.

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 Bobbi Althoff Brother? Does She Have a Sister?

Although there are rumors about Bobbi Althoff Brother, it is not confirmed as of now.

Also, she hasn’t shared anything about her brother on any of her social media accounts. Therefore, the information on Bobbi Althoff’s brother is not available online.

However, Bobbi has a younger sister who is often seen on her Tiktok videos and her Instagram posts.

Bobbi Althoff Brother
Bobbi Althoff has not spoken anything about having a brother. (Source: People)

Further, detailed information about her sister is not available. But, it is known that the sisters share a great relationship together.

They are always there for one another and ready to help when necessary. Also, Althoff’s sister is very close to her children.

Bobbi Althoff Family Background

Bobbi Althoff was born in the United States on July 31, 1997, and her age is currently 26 years.

Bobbi has decided to keep her family details private. Therefore, many people are not aware of her parents and her upbringing.

Moreover, she respects her right to privacy and hasn’t disclosed any personal information about her parents in the public world.

Bobbi has become a celebrity on social media, but she still keeps a low profile regarding her personal life and family.

Similarly, fans and followers are now curious about her background and the people who helped her on her path to success as an influencer and host of The Really Good Podcast.

Although her parents’ information is under review, it is known to everyone that her father and mother are very supportive.

They have always helped and supported their daughter in every step of her life and career journey.

Likewise, her father and mother are her backbone who were with her since her birth and will always be with her.

Furthermore, the social media influencer is of White ethnicity and has American nationality. Additionally, she practices Christianity.

Bobbi Althoff’s Married Life and Children

Bobbi Althoff’s husband Cory Althoff is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and author.

Cory and Bobbi Althoff met in 2016 through a common friend and immediately hit it off. After dating for some time, the couple got married in 2018 in a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii.

As her spouse, Cory frequently appears in Bobbi Althoff’s social media posts, participating in her quirky and amusing performances.

Moreover, their technical expertise and artistic ability make a fantastic pair, both personally and professionally.

The couple raised two gorgeous girls together as a loving and supporting family.

Bobbi Althoff Brother
Bobbi Althoff has two beautiful daughters. (Source: Legit)

Her first-born daughter is Richard, which surprised her fans because the name is traditionally male.

Nevertheless, Bobbi revealed that she had initially wished for a baby boy and made the decision to give her daughter the name Richard, which she adores.

Bobbi and Cory’s second daughter, Hagrid, was born in June 2022.

Together, the love pair happily enjoyr parenthood with their adorable daughters.

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