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Does the English actor Bobby Davro have Cancer? Bobby’s illness and health update is one of the concerned topics on the internet. 

Bobby Davro, professionally known as Robert Christopher Nankeville, is an actor and comedian. Besides, he made his career debut in 1981.

After a successful debut in the industry, in 2007 and 2008, he played Vinnie Monks in the BBC One soap EastEnders.

Two years later, the actor also participated in Dancing on Ice in 2010 and participated in Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2013.

So far in his television career, he has appeared in various shows, mostly with ITV. Similarly, in the mid-1980s, Bobby was the most popular television personality. 

Likewise, he was famous for his own Saturday night ITV shows like Bobby Davro on the Box, Bobby Davro’s TV Annual and Bobby Davro’s TV Weekly. 

Does Bobby Davro Have Cancer?

No, Bobby Davro does not have cancer, but the topic of the actor being diagnosed with cancer grabbed the attention following the news of his fiancee’s illness. As per the recent report, Davro’s wife-to-be has been diagnosed with cancer. 

However, Bobby was once injured, and he talked about the incident openly. In 2016, he revealed that he suffered a fall, leaving him suffering unbearable symptoms years later.

Speaking in an interview, Bobby revealed that the incident happened in 1992 while working on Public Enemy Number One in Manchester.

Bobby Davro Have Cancer
Bobby Davro is devastated about his fiance’s cancer news. (Source: The Sun)

During the last sketch of the last show, he was locked into a stock prop, his hands were tied in, and his face stuck out of a hole in the wood. While Keith Chegwin, Lionel Blair and Jim Bowen were mucking about in front of him, the Actor stood there, balancing on a box.

Later, Bobby lost his balance and crashed face-first onto the floor. Luckily, he managed to turn his face slightly and landed the stocks and split his chin open. Davro said he felt very sore, with a bruised face, but his neck was most painful.

Furthermore, Bobby saw an osteopath to treat his neck, which took around six weeks to recover. After two decades, Bobby’s neck revealed he still had neck and upper back pain.

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Bobby Davro Illness and Health Update 2023

Bobby Davro has no illness, but fans ask about his health update due to his past injuries. As said earlier, the actor discussed the incident in an interview.

After injuring his neck, he went to the hospital, and doctors also said whiplash was part of the diagnosis. Furthermore, whiplash is a type of neck injury caused by a sudden motion of the head forwards, backward or sideways.

Moreover, Bobby may be doing well in his life now. Apart from his health, Bobby recently opened up about his fiance’s health, saying that he is battling pancreatic Cancer.

Reportedly, his partner was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer last year. It is also said that her dad died from the disease.

Meanwhile, Davro proposed to his longtime partner Vicky last year after 12 years of being in a relationship. They had an off affair for many years.

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Bobby Davro Net Worth Revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bobby Davro has a net worth of a whopping $3 million. Bobby greatly benefited from his long-term career due to his active work in the entertainment industry.

Bobby Davro
Bobby Davro lives a lavish lifestyle. (Source: USTREME)

Bobby has worked on many projects, and all of his works have helped him preserve a huge fortune. Not to mention, Bobby is best known for his work as an impressionist.

Due to his impressive wealth, Bobby lives lavishly and showcases his lifestyle via his social media handles. Apart from that, Bobby supports the UK charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer.

As Bobby is still active in this field, we can say that his income will skyrocket in the coming years.

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