Bobby Petrino Affair

The controversy of Bobby Petrino affair spread like a wildfire and fans are curious to know what happened.

Petrino quarterbacked the “Fighting Saints,” Carroll’s football team, and led them to three straight championships. He won the league MVP award in 1981 and 1982.

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Bobby Petrino was involved in a terrifying motorcycle accident in 2012, which caused many people to worry about the football coach from Arkansas health.

Petrino lost his job for failing to disclose his relationship with Dorrell, a former volleyball player from Arkansas whom he hired last month without disclosing his conflict of interest or the fact that he had previously given her the $20,000 in cash. 

The school might be “vulnerable to a sexual harassment” lawsuit due to the payment, Long wrote.

Bobby Petrino Affair And Sandal

According to documents on Thursday, Bobby Petrino’s relationship with his assistant went back more than a year. He sent her candy, referred to her as a “close friend,” and suggested that the affair that cost him his job began with a kiss over lunch last fall.

Jeff Long, the athletic director, who looked into Petrino and was fired last week, recorded these specifics in handwritten notes. In response to a FOIA request from the Associated Press, Long’s notes and those of assistant athletic director Jon Fagg were made public. 

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During the investigation that resulted in Petrino’s firing on April 10, the two spoke with the coach, his assistant, and others. The notes indicate that from September or October until this past February, 51-year-old Petrino and 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell had an intimate relationship that lasted for about five months.

Bobby Petrino’s Relationship With Jessica Dorrell

Petrino, according to Long, claimed that he and Dorrell grew close while she was working as the Razorback Foundation’s former fundraiser. They started dining out together, and Petrino confessed to his boss that his relationship with Dorrell started with a kiss last fall.

Head football Coach Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell attended a fan event in Searcy. (Source:

The university discovered that between the two, starting in April 2011, 326 phone calls and 7,228 messages were conveyed.

They also support Petrino and Dorrell’s claims that they cut off their romantic relationship when it became clear that she wanted to apply for a position with him that he wanted her to “earn.”

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Long also made a point in his notes to remind Petrino that, before Dorrell’s hiring, he had concealed the affair and a $20,000 Christmas gift. Dorrell revealed to Long that the week before starting her new job, she hid the cash under her mattress, deposited it, and bought a new car.

Bobby Petrino Kids And Family Details Explored

Bobby Petrino, a former football coach for Arkansas, and his wife Becky have four children altogether: two sons, Bobby Petrino Jr. and Nick Petrino, and two daughters, Kelsey and Katie Petrino.

Bobby Sr., Bobby Petrino’s father, gave birth to Bobby Petrino.

Bob Petrino Sr., an American football coach, was his father. He oversaw Carroll College’s football program in Helena, Montana, from 1971 through 1998, compiling a 163-90-2 record. 2018 saw his passing. 

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On his mother, there is no information. Additionally, Paul Petrino was his only sibling. Paul, who recently served as the University of Idaho’s head football coach, is younger than Bobby.

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