Bol Bol teeth

Bol Bol Teeth has been trending as the South Sudanese-American basketball player who recently competed for the NBA Orlando Magic.

The basketball player Bol Bol, also commonly mentioned as Bol in the news, was an Oregon Ducks basketball player in college.

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Bol, who had established himself in the NBA this season after suffering an injury struggle in each of three seasons, was let go by the Orlando Magic.

To illustrate, The Orlando Magic has dismissed the Amway Center fan favorite and rising media celebrity, Bol Bol.

They elected not to exercise their option to extend his contract, making him an NBA-free agent until another team books him.

Nevertheless, Gary Harris and Markelle Fultz have extended contracts with the Magic.

It is known that Bol overcame his injury issues to win over the NBA, and he had only played 53 games (328 minutes) in his previous three NBA seasons.

This season, he averaged 9.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks in 21.5 minutes in 70 games for Orlando, 33 of which he started.

Amid all this news, the basketball player has also been the subject of interest regarding his physical appearance. Let’s see what fans are curious about.

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Look At Bol Bol Teeth: Before And After

Following the news of Bol being departed from Orlando Magic, netizens have tried their best to learn several aspects of this professional basketball player.

In this regard, they have stumbled upon Bol’s teeth. The white set of perfectly aligned teeth is definitely a vital feature of this Sudanese-American player.

Nevertheless, there is no significant change in Bol’s teeth’ appearance compared to the past.

Bol Bol teeth
As Orlando Magic terminated Bol’s contract, people are interested in his teeth (Source: YouTube)

It is common for athletes to have teeth-related injuries, and even several of them prioritize the aesthetics of their dentures, changing them to their preference.

But, in the case of Bol, he has not shown any such teeth transformation, nor has he been reported as being in any significant injury affecting his teeth.

However, his father, Manute Bol, claimed that during a dunk attempt, his two front teeth were trapped in the net, and he lost them.

Sudanese-American NBA Player: Long Hair Suits His Face

Bol Manute Bol, a professional basketball player from South Sudan, has recently parted ways with the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

As soon as this news hit the news, there were several dimensions on which Bol’s characters were analyzed. 

One such factor was the hairstyle and hair length of the NBA player. Bol’s fans know that the player once had long hair, and now he has trimmed it to a shorter length.

Now, several notes emphasize that the long hair used to suit him. Well, it’s entirely his preference, and maybe he will later let his hair grow as well.

Bol Bol teeth
Bol Bol previously had long hair, which was more appreciated by his fans (Source: Hispanosnba)

In recent news, the Orlando Magic chose not to exercise the option to pay 2.2 million USD to extend Bol’s contract for an additional season.

Nevertheless, the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers are two teams that might be interested in signing the illustrious Manute Bol’s son.

The Miami Heat took Bol with the 44th overall selection in the 2019 Draft. He eventually played for the Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets, and Boston Celtics.

Bol has a wingspan of 2.34 meters and a height of 2.18 meters and currently weighs only 100 kilograms.

Despite these attributes, he has shown the talent and capability to bring the ball up like a point guard and run the court like a small forward.

Furthermore, the American basketball player, Terrence Ross stated that Bol is worthy and nobody has ever seen somebody play like that.

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