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Bonnie Stoll Wikipedia: She is famous for being the swimming coach of Diana Nyad. Keep reading to know more information about her in this article.

Bonnie Stoll is a former professional racquetball player who was always an athlete and loved playing racquetball from a young age.

Furthermore, Stoll got more into the media prominence after being the swim coach of Dian Nyad, an American author, journalist, motivational speaker, and long-distance swimmer.

Apart from that, Nyad gained national attention in 1975 when she swam around Manhattan in record time. Meanwhile, her story is at the center of Netflix’s new movie Nyad.

Due to that, her coach Bonnie is also in the limelight, and everyone has been searching for more facts about Bonnie, which has been covered below.

Bonnie Stoll Wikipedia And Biography

Bonnie Stoll is the swimming coach of Dian Nyad. She helped Nyad achieve the unbelievable feat of swimming from Cuba to Florida on a 110-mile course in 53 hours. 

As said earlier, both of them are making rounds on the internet after their relationship was portrayed in Netflix’s sports biopic Nyad. 

Bonnie Stoll Wikipedia
Bonnie Stoll is the swimming coach of Dian Nyad, and they worked together for a long time. (Source: Instagram)

The biopic also highlights Bonnie’s role in helping Diana reach the finish line. In addition to that, the new Netflix drama also highlights the kind of risks Bonnie took to help Nyad achieve her long-time dream.

Furthermore, Stoll and Nyad have a good bond, and it has been said that they also dated for a while. However, they later thought their relationship was just as good as friends.

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Bonnie Stoll Age: How Old Is Diana Nyad Swim Coach?

According to an online report, Bonnie Stoll was born in June 1952, making her age 71 years old as of 2023.

It has been reported that Stoll is a native of Stamford, Connecticut. From a young age, Stoll was always an athlete, and she even loved playing racquetball. 

Bonnie Stoll Age
Bonnie Stoll is also private when it comes to her personal matters and prefers to keep everything far from the media. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to that, Bonnie was competitive, and her coaches helped her grow. Talking about her education, she went to the University of Connecticut and earned a Physical Education undergraduate degree.

Furthermore, Stoll also excelled on a professional racquetball tour in the 1980s. Later, Bonnie became a personal trainer. 

Bonnie Stoll And Diana Nyad Relationship Explored

Bonnie Stoll and Diana Nyad reportedly met each other during their racquetball days. During a tournament in Poughkeepsie, Nyad asked for Bonnie’s help. 

As said earlier, they also dated but later became friends only. Furthermore, Stoll and Nyad trained and worked out together for long hours.

Apart from that, Stoll and Nyad began a fitness company named BravaBody, which ran successfully for five years. Now, they are also working together as the co-founders of EverWalk.

Bonnie Stoll And Diana Nyad
Bonnie Stoll And Diana Nyad reportedly dated each other, but they later came back to lead their life as friends. (Source: Yahoo News)

Meanwhile, Stoll prefers to keep herself far from the public domain and rarely comes into the media. She has an Instagram account registered as @bonniestoll.

Reportedly, Stoll was spotted in West Hollywood, California, on Halloween. Not only that, but she reunited with the team that helped Diana succeed in 2013.

More details about their bond have been featured in a newly released Netflix drama named Nyad. 

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