Boybits Victoria Wife

Boybits Victoria’s wife, Cielo Velasquez Aquino, is described as a supportive and loving partner who stood by him through thick and thin.

Boybits Victoria was a former professional basketball player in the Philippines who made waves in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) during his rookie year in 1988. 

He was known for his exceptional scoring skills and ability to lead his team to victory. However, news of his sudden passing on February 28, 2023, has left the basketball community in shock and disbelief. 

Boybits Victoria will always be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players in the Philippines. His contribution to the sport will never be forgotten, and his legacy will continue. 

This article will delve deeper into the life of Boybits Victoria, including his family, wife, and kids. 

Boybits Victoria Wife: Who Is Cielo Velasquez Aquino? 

Boybits Victoria was married to his wife, Cielo Velasquez Aquino. Unfortunately, not much is known about his wife, as she prefers to keep a low profile. 

However, sources close to the family describe her as a supportive and loving wife who stood by Boybits through thick and thin. The couple was known to have a close relationship and were often spotted together at various events. They have been married for over two decades and have children together.

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Boybits had two children with his wife, Cielo, a daughter named Bianca Victoria and a son named Miguel Angelo. His daughter Bianca is studying at De La Salle University, while his son Miguel is still in high school. 

Meet Boybits Victoria Family: Where Was He From?

Boybits Victoria was born in Tondo, Manila, on February 18, 1967. He was the fourth of nine siblings from his family.

His parents were factory workers and struggled to make ends meet. Boybits’ parents ensured their children received a good education despite their financial difficulties. 

Mayor Lani Cayetano, along with the City of Taguig, expresses sincere condolences and offers prayers to the family of Boybits Victoria. (Source: Twitter)

Growing up, Boybits was passionate about basketball and began playing the sport at a young age. He attended Jose Abad Santos High School, where he continued to develop his basketball skills. After high school, Boybits studied at the University of Santo Tomas, where he continued to play basketball at the collegiate level.

He was known to be a loving and caring Father who always put his family first. He often spent time with his children, taking them on vacations and attending school events.

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Financial difficulties marked Boybits Victoria’s childhood, but his passion for basketball helped him rise above his circumstances.

Boybits Victoria Death Cause Revealed

Boybits Victoria’s cause of his death was revealed to be a heart attack.

The news of Boybits Victoria’s death has shocked the basketball community. Reports show he passed away on February 28, 2023, at 56. 

Boybits death
Fully vaxxed and boosted Former PBA Player Emmanuel “Boybits” Victoria died suddenly of a heart attack. (Source: Twitter)

 Boybits had been complaining of chest pains and difficulty breathing before he was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not make it and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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Boybits’ death has been mourned by many, including his former teammates, fans, and friends. The PBA also released a statement expressing their condolences to his family.

Many have described Boybits as a talented basketball player and a kind-hearted person who always had a smile on his face.

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