Bradley Rein Arrested

Bradley Rein was arrested after a fatal crash at an Apple Store in Hingham. Where is he now?

One person was killed in a fatal collision at an Apple Store in Hingham on Monday morning, and at least 19 others were hurt.

A guy has been taken into custody and charged with the incident. The accusation of reckless homicide by car was brought against Hingham resident Bradley Rein, 53, after his arrest Monday night.

Apple addressed the matter in a statement to on Monday night.

“We are appalled by today’s appalling events at Apple Derby Street and the tragic death of a worker who was on the premises overseeing current shop renovations.

The statement stated, “Our thoughts go out to our team members, customers, and everyone affected by this horrible incident.

In this highly trying moment, we are doing everything possible to support our team members and clients.

Bradley Rein Arrested: What Did He Do?

Bradley Rein was arrested on Monday evening and charged with reckless vehicular homicide.

According to Plymouth District Attorney Tim Cruz, Massachusetts State Police and Hingham Police conducted an “extensive investigation” before arresting Rein, 53, on Monday night.

Tuesday’s arraignment for Rein, a Natick resident, will take place in Hingham District Court.

Bradley Rein arrested
Bradley Rein was arrested and charged in a deadly Hingham crash. (Source: CBS News)

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said a black Toyota 4Runner crashed through the store’s plate-glass display around 10:45 am.

Kevin Bradley, 65, a New Jersey native, was the man who was killed, according to the authorities. An Apple spokeswoman said in a statement that Bradley was assisting with the store’s construction.

Nineteen additional victims suffered injuries. Many of them have wounds that could endanger their lives and their limbs.

After a collision on December 29, 2020, in Roxbury, Vermont, Rein received a ticket for drunk driving, according to Vermont State Police.

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According to Weymouth’s South Shore Hospital officials, Seventeen patients were being treated, and two were being transported to Boston.

According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, two patients transported to Boston by EMS from South Shore Hospital are being treated.

It was unclear exactly how many people had been hurt in the collision on Monday evening. Boston Medical Center said that three patients were also brought to that facility.

Where Is Bradley Rein Now?

Bradley Rein is being held in Police custody at this time. Rein will be arraigned Tuesday in Hingham District Court.

Timothy J. Cruz, the district attorney for Plymouth, tweeted details of the accusations against Rein.

In response to a thorough investigation by the @statepolice, Cruz tweeted on Tuesday, “@HinghamPolice acquired an arrest warrant charging Bradley Rein, 53, with Reckless Homicide by Motor Vehicle.”

Bradley rein now
Bradley Rein will appear in Hingham District Court for arraignment. (Source: Yahoo News)

Rein was detained last night and will appear for arraignment in Hingham District Court. The establishment is nestled away in a large commercial complex near Route 3 in a corner.

Customers around the South Shore frequent it because it is the only Apple Store in the region.

The community of Hingham, according to officials, “expresses its sincere condolences and solidarity to all affected by this tragedy.”

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Officials said, “We know that in the wake of today’s events, there are folks in need of healing, both physically and mentally.”

“Like others who have recently experienced loss or harm, the town will aid individuals who ask for assistance. We are all not alone. The city is united.

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