Brandon Allen and Austin Allen

The younger brother of quarterback Brandon Allen, Austin Allen, also plays American football.

Brandon Allen is the older brother of Austin, playing as a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League; he started his career as a professional player in 2016. 

Brandon played college football before being drafted in the 2016 NFL by Jacksonville Jaguars. He played college football from 2011 to 2015. 

Cincinnati Bengals QB Brandon Allen Brother Austin Allen

Brandon Allen is currently Cincinnati Bengals QB and has a younger brother named Austin Allen. Austin is also an American football quaterback, presently playing with Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent since 2018. 

Austin started his playing career by joining the college team, the Arkansas Razorbacks, and was their starting quarterback from 2016 to 2017. After playing college football for one year, he started his professional career with Tampa Bay and has been playing with them since. 

Brother of Brandon Allen, Austin Allen
Brother of Brandon Allen, Austin Allen. Source: CornNation

There is not much information about Brandon’s brother, but both have been interested in football since high school. He has always supported Austin as an older brother, which is his career path. 

Austin is mostly known as the brother of Brandon more than as a professional football player. Many fans are still unknown of Austin’s professional life.

The Age Gap Between Brandon Allen And Austin Allen 

Brandon is the oldest brother, born in September 1992, and is 30 years old in the current year. Austin was born in August 1994 and is now 28 years old. So, the brothers only share two years of the age gap. 

They have two years of age gap, so they have similar interests and hobbies. And so they share a great bond. They were raised together and went to a similar school in the United States. 

Although they share a great bond and have the same interests, they have been playing with different teams. 

Brandon Allen Family

Brandon was born to Bobby Allen and his wife, Marcela Allen, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They had two children together, Brandon and Austin. 

More information about his parents has not been disclosed. But it seems like they have always supported their children and their interests. And they are proud of them. 

Brandon is a married man, and he is married to Sarah Connley Allen. They shared their vows in March 2019. They welcomed their son, Oakland Duc Allen, only after their marriage, in July 2020.

Brandon Allen with his wife and son
Brandon Allen with his wife and son. Source: PLAYERBIO

They seem to have a good relationship; Brandon often shares pictures of his family.

Brandon Allen Family Ethnicity 

Brandon Allen was born in the United States, and his race is White, and he also belongs to White Ethnicity. He has not revealed it yet, but looking at his pictures, it looks like both his parents were White.

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He holds American Nationality, and also his brother Austin is American. Brandon follows Christianity and has had great faith in the Christan religion since birth. He was raised seeing his parents follow Christianity faith with heart.

Brandon Allen Net Worth Updates

Brandon is a professional football player, his net worth in 2022 is $1.5 million. His net worth increases yearly, and his primary income source is his career as a player. Allen’s Salary is close to $825,000 in the present day. 

The net worth of his brother Austin has been calculated as less than that of Brandon, which might be less than $1 million. Both brothers earned a good amount of money in their late 20s. 

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