Brandon Cummings

Was Brandon Cummings arrested? People are wondering if Brandon from the popular Let’s Go Brandon went to prison for assaulting Neo-Nazis.

There were rumors suggesting that Brandon, the main actor in a series of gay porn titled “Let’s Go, Brandon,” was apprehended for physically assaulting 35 neo-Nazis.

Well, Cummings was not arrested, and there has not been any news regarding his being imprisoned. This rumor originated from a satirical article.

While the news overtook the Internet over a year ago, this story quickly circulated on various online platforms and forums.

The site explicitly states that it creates fictional names for its stories, except when it satirizes public figures, and the use of real names in its articles is accidental.

The article, summarized below, concluded with the statement that the neo-Nazis were expelled from their hate group because they were defeated by a gay individual.

The reason why this year-old news has resurfaced on the Internet is due to pride month. As it is June, netizens are talking about Cummings on social media platforms.

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Let’s Go Brandon: Is Brandon Cummings Arrested?

There is speculation surrounding whether Brandon Cummings, the man associated with the viral series “Let’s Go, Brandon,” was imprisoned for attacking 35 neo-Nazis. 

However, it should be clarified that the person in question, Cummings, who allegedly appears in a series of gay porn videos was not arrested.

It all began on April 22, 2022, when the news website Daily News Reported published an article claiming that a porn actor named Brandon Cummings has been arrested.

Brandon Cummings arrested
The headline of the news that claims Brandon Cummings was arrested (Source: Twitter)

Then, in October 2022, a screenshot featuring only the headline and a picture of an unknown man began circulating on Twitter. 

However, it is important to note that Daily News identifies itself as a satirical publication and comedy website.

To illustrate, the source of the screenshot was identified as a “fabricated satirical newspaper and comedy website” in the About Us section of its website.

Furthermore, the screenshots shared on Twitter failed to include the important information that the story in question is not genuine but rather mocking in nature.

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Brandon Cummings: Where Is He Now Jail Or Prison?

No, Brandon Cummings is not in jail or prison. The news about Cummings being apprehended was only rumor and contained no truth.

The rumor initiated with the incident included Brandon, known for his leading roles in explicit films within the “Let’s Go Brandon” series, walking his dog late at night.

During the walk, Brandon was confronted and harassed by a group of individuals associated with neo-Nazi beliefs.

Several members of the group recognized Brandon from his adult films and began taunting him.

Brandon Cummings arrested
The name of the famous adult series of Brandon Cummings (Source: Snopes)

Despite the provocations, Brandon, who has been trained in mixed martial arts for six years, remained composed and assessed the situation, planning his response.

One of the neo-Nazis approached him aggressively, attempting to kick Brandon’s dog, Tiger, who had also become a target of their derogatory comments.

However, Brandon was prepared and swiftly countered with a leg sweep, causing the individual to fall to the ground.

Subsequently, Brandon defended himself by delivering a series of kicks and punches, successfully neutralizing each of the 35 assailants.

This was the whole story on the basis of what, Brandon’s arrest was backed and since this satirical story got so viral, everyone believed he was sent to prison.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a popular meme used by conservatives in the US as a euphemism for expressing dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden.

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