Brandon Morrissette

Netizens are searching for Brandon Morrissette wife as the 30-year-old Morrissette has recently shot a victim near the Humanities building.

The shooter, Brandon Morrissette, who opened fire on the Rose State College campus on Monday afternoon, has been identified by police.

Brandon, 30, according to police, is accused of shooting the victim with a gun outside, next to the Humanities building.

Responding officers claim that the victim was 20 years old and was shot once. He was declared dead on the spot.

According to police, it was a singular incident, even though the call was initially characterized as an active shooter.

Officials claim that the victim and Morrissette were acquainted, but they did not specify if the two were related.

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Brandon Morrissette Wife: Is The Rose State Shooter Married?

Reportedly, Brandon Morrissette, the shooter, was married and committed this tragic act due to jealousy.

While some reports have stated that his wife was having an affair and coming to the rage, the 30-year-old man fired a pistol at college; it has still not been verified.

After the gun was fired at Rose State College, it was revealed that there were several students very near the incident.

One of the students, Kevin McCormack, recalled that they kept hearing gunshots and babbles of the suspect. 

Reportedly, Brandon Morrissette was married and committed this tragic act due to jealousy
Reportedly, Brandon Morrissette was married and committed this tragic act due to jealousy (Source: York News-Times)

We just kind of sprinted away together, both of us. We were shouting, We need to get moving to the other students.

Regarding the saddening event, the students and the Oklahoma Chapters of Moms demanded action. They also issued the following statement in response:

We send our kids to college for a brighter future, not to have their lives cut short,” said Beth Furnish, a volunteer with the Oklahoma chapter of Moms Demand Action. “Oklahoma lawmakers have the power to save lives, yet are actively choosing to further endanger Oklahomans with weak gun laws. We will continue to demand progress so that getting a degree isn’t a matter of life or death for our children.

Officers from Midwest City approached the man, who they claimed was carrying a gun, and took him into custody.

After the lockdown was lifted, Rose State College canceled all of its classes for the rest of Monday. Tuesday’s classes have also been canceled.

The public has not yet been informed of the victim’s identity. In addition, the reason why Brandon pulled this act is still left to be disclosed.

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Brandon Morrissette Wife: Details On The Shooting Case

The shooting case in Oklahoma has caused terror in the area. When police arrived on the scene soon, they observed Brandon Morrissette with a gun.

He had already fired it, and a 20-year-old guy had been dead. The police asked him to put down the gun, and when Brandon obliged, he was arrested.

Brandon, 30, is accused of shooting the 20 year old victim with a gun
Brandon, 30, is accused of shooting the 20-year-old victim with a gun (Source: KOKH)

Post-shooting, it was a busy day at Rose State College. The campus was under lockdown on Monday afternoon.

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Many students expressed concern for their safety to Fox 25. A mother apologized profusely to her kid, saying she was genuinely sorry and hoped her kid was okay.

The warning went out around 12:20, after which one of the students, Spike Wright, stated that his heart was pounding and he did not know what to do.

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