DC Teen Brian Ward killed by a suspect named Brandon Nguyen.

DC’s young man named Brandon Nguyen made headlines, recently in November 2022. Nguyen’s arrest and second-degree ****** news spread like wildfire across America. 

The DC authorities detained Mr. Nguyen for his involvement in a teen’s ******. He was charged on November 2022 for committing second-degree ******. 

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Typically, Second-degree ****** is a crime with ill and vengeful intent, except that it is not planned.

Please stick with us to know why the suspect was arrested and charged with a ****** case.

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Brandon Nguyen, 24, Brian Ward’s Suspect, Was Arrested

Prime suspect, Brandon Nguyen, was arrested for killing a DC Teen named Brian Ward. He was arrested almost two years after Ward was killed.

Brian Ward killed 2020
DC Teen Brian Ward was killed by a suspect named Brandon Nguyen in 2020. (Source: WUSA9)

According to the DC Police reports, Ward was last spotted getting into a vehicle in September 2020. The spot where he was last seen is near his Petworth home.

Unfortunately, the teen went missing for at least a year and a half before the concerned authorities found his remains in December 2021. 17-year-old Ward’s remain was found dumped in an area of Laurel, Maryland.

Brian Ward’s ****** suspect, Nguyen, was detained on Monday, November 2022. As mentioned earlier, Nguyen was armed in the ***** of a DC teen. Likewise, Ward was seventeen years old at the time of his *****. 

According to the concerned authority’s report, Ward was killed on 29 September 2020 in a hostile encounter on Allison Street, NW.

However, security personnel never found any ******** victims at the time. Officers said:

We didn’t find any body of the victim at the time of the ********.

Likewise, according to the postmortem report, Ward was shot many times, and the cause of ***** was excessive blood loss. 

Despite his absence, Ward’s family sadly hosted his 18th birthday in 2021. His family wore T-shirts reading, We miss you.

Yes, Ward was still declared missing because his body was not recovered at the time his parents celebrated his birthday.

The family still hoped Ward would return home safely until they discovered his corpse. Unfortunately, his remains were found only in December 2021.

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Brandon Nguyen Charged With Second-Degree ******

Prime suspect Brandon Nguyen was charged with the second-degree ****** of a 17-year-old teen named Brian Ward. The charge came soon after his arrest in November 2022. 

Authorities arrested Nguyen almost two years after Ward’s ******. 

Brian Ward
Brian Ward was declared missing before his remains were found in 2021. (Source: Facebook)

Also, the prime suspect was charged with second-degree ****** under the Sentencing Reform Emergency Amendment Act 2000. 

Likewise, he might face no less than 20 years in prison if found guilty. According to the concerned authorities, Nguyen’s action was clearly a second-degree ******. 

Ward was killed in a ******** at Allison Street, NW. Maybe, his ****** was never planned, but the killing was brutal, as Ward was shot multiple times. 

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