Jair Bolsonaro sick

People in Brazil were shocked after hearing about Jair Bolsonaro Sick News. What happened to the Brazilian President? Let’s find out. 

Famous Brazilian politician Bolsonaro rose to fame after becoming the 38th president of Brazil. He won the 2019 presidential election in Brazil.

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Born on 21 march 1955, Bolsonaro served as the Brazilian President from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2022. 

A few legit sources claim that President Jair Bolsonaro’s net worth is $500 Thousand. The known politician amassed his fortune through his successful political career in Brazil. 

Now, shifting our attention back to the Brazilian President’s sickness — Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed in the abdomen during his 2018 presidential Campaign.

So after receiving treatment and undergoing more than four surgeries, Bolsonaro faces a common form of intestinal disorder.

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Is Jair Bolsonaro Sick? What Happened To The Brazilian President?

Famous Brazilian politician Jair Bolsonaro had a blockage in his intestine. After feeling unwell with abdominal discomfort, Bolsonaro was admitted to a hospital in January 2022. 

Bolsonaro started feeling unwell and was admitted to a military hospital. He was released from the hospital less than 12 hours after receiving medical treatment.  

Jair Bolsonaro illness
Brazilian Politician Jair Bolsonaro faces intestinal disorders. (Source: The Japan Times)

Unfortunately, the former Brazilian President had an incident earlier in 2018. Bolsonaro was stabbed in the abdomen during his 2018 presidential Campaign. 

Since the stabbing, the President has been battling with lasting health problems. Moreover, he was absent from many events organized by Brazil’s Republican Party because of his health condition. 

Despite his stabbing and illness, brave Bolsonaro carried on his political career and Campaign. Hence, he won the 2019 presidential election and became the President of Brazil.

His presidential tenure just ended recently in late December 2022.

Additionally, former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro faced another health issue early in 2019. He had the same problem of a partially blocked intestine and was admitted to the hospital in mid-July.

However, he did not undergo surgery after staying four days in the hospital. 

Moreover, Bolsonaro has undergone more than four surgeries due to the stab wound. His subsequent removal and placement of a colostomy bag made him more prone to intestinal disorders. 

Yes, the far-right Leader almost passed a half decade battling his intestinal disorders. Fortunately, Bolsonaro had surgery in time. 

He had surgery to remove a colostomy bag. After the treatment, he returned to his presidential office. 

Bolsonaro’s healthy attitude turned a boost to fight his intestinal disorders. The known politician got used to his life having to face intestinal blockage

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Health Update Of Jair Bolsonaro

The 38th president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was stabbed in the abdomen during his 2018 presidential Campaign.

Jair Bolsonaro health update
Famous Brazilian Politician Jair Bolsonaro’s health update. (Source: N.B.C. News)

After undergoing more than four surgeries, Bolsonaro faces a common form of intestinal disorder.

He had been admitted hospital many times due to his intestinal blockage. 

As mentioned earlier, Bolsonaro underwent surgery to remove and place a colostomy bag. Now, his surgeries made him prone to abdominal disorder.

Moreover, the Brazilian President revealed his battle with abdominal discomfort on his social media handles. 

Despite his sickness, Bolsonaro returned to his presidential office. His surgery after the stabbing was the reason for his temporary absence from his 2018 presidential election Campaign

Bolsonaro now looks more healthy after receiving good treatment in the military hospital. His solid mental strength was the main reason for his quick recovery.

President Bolsonaro’s way of combating his sickness after the stabbing could inspire many people worldwide. A solid way to go for the 38th  Brazilian President! 

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