Brendan Depa

Meet Brendan Depa parents: Depa is an ex-student of the Matanzas High School who has been accused of beating a teacher. 

Brendan Depa is known as an ex-student of Matanzas High School who was recently in the media headlines for being assured of beating his teacher. 

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The news is currently trending on social media sources and has drawn the attention of many. Further, the young man attacked paraprofessional Joan Naydich on Feb. 21, and the incident was caught on a CCTV camera. 

Depa is an 18-year-old teen who is currently being held at the Flagler County jail on a $1 million bond. Video is everywhere on the internet, and people are asking for details about Depa, including his parents and family.

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Meet Brendan Depa Parents: Mother Leanne Depa And Father

Brendan Depa has been making headlines on the internet for the viral video shared on social media platforms where he can be seen charging his teacher at Matanzas High School. 

Netizens are concerned about Depa’s parents and are eager to know where they are from. Similalry, the question about his parent’s personal and professional details has been asked repeatedly. 

Well, Depa’s mother is Leanne Depa; however, his father’s name and details are still missing from the media sources. As per the source, Leanne is not his biological mother. 

Brendan Depa Parents
Brendan Depa was photographed with his father, but the name of his dad has not been shared with the tabloids. (Source: Flager Live)

Depas joined Leanne’s family through foster care, and he was taken care of by them since he was just an infant. Hence, the details about his biological parents remain missing at the moment. 

Leanne broke her silence and discussed Depa’s story and how he entered their family. There are multiple photos shared on the internet with Depa’s maternal grandparents. 

A Look At Brendan Depa Family Background

Brendan Depa family details have been searched by many people. However, there is not much information related to Brendan’s personal life.

As said earlier, Depa joined foster care when he was just an infant. When he was a child, he was quite fussy, and he struggled in a school setting from the age of two.

Brendan Depa Family
Brendan Depa and his maternal grandmother, Nikki Lemen, together in a single frame. (Source: Flager Live)

Talking about his early days, Brendan was terrified of things other children enjoyed. Not only that, but Depa was easily upset by flies, stickers, and discarded bandages.

Due to Depa’s case, he has remained in the media prominence, and everyone on the web has been asking multiple questions related to his family background.

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Where Is Brendan Depa Now?

Brendan Depa entered an open no-contest plea at a hearing on Monday. He entered the open plea on the charge of aggravated battery on a school board employee.

Circuit Judge Terence Perkins headed over the hearing at the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center in Bunnell. Perkins asked Depa how he pleaded to the charge.

Brendan Depa Now
Brendan Depa attacked paraprofessional Joan Naydich, and the beating was caught on a school security video. (Source: Fox News)

Depa said, “No contest.” Perkins then set the sentencing hearing for January 31 at 1:30 p.m. Furthermore, the open plea to the court means Brendan’s defense attorney has not reached any deal with prosecutors on the possible sentence.

According to state sentencing guidelines, Brendan faces a minimum of 34.5 months in state prison. Further information related to his case will be updated soon.

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