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Many hearts must have sunken deep when they saw a picture of Brett Cooper boyfriend, Amir Odom, on the American commentator’s Instagram.

Brett Cooper is a television personality, content creator, and social media celebrity. She is mainly recognized for her show “The Comments Section with Brett Cooper,” produced by The Daily Wire.

But that is not the only thing that makes her famous. Brett Cooper is also an American actress with Parental Guidance as her debut movie.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Cooper later appeared in many films and TV shows like The Boy Scout, Little Emily, 500 Fireflies, and so on.

Nevertheless, fans adore and love Brett Cooper for her outspoken views on various topics, including politics, culture, and current events.

But recently, she has been grabbing fans’ attention for what appears like her boyfriend in her Instagram picture.

Who Is Brett Cooper Boyfriend, Amir Odom?

The 819k followers of Brett Cooper were having a normal day in their life but not when the conservative political commentator Brett Cooper uploaded a picture.

She uploaded a picture featuring herself leaning on a chest of a man, Amir Odom.

Brett Cooper boyfriend
Brett Cooper recently uploaded an image that sparked rumors of a new boyfriend. (Source: Instagram)

Amir Odom is a public speaker who dares to speak against the culture of victimhood sold by Black Live Matter. Further, he is also a social media influencer and YouTuber with almost 100k subscribers.

After that, the image immediately heated up Instagram as fans quickly speculated that he was the current Brett Coopper boyfriend.

However, fans were not ready yet to take the news, and they did a quick homework check on Amir Odom.

It turns out the couple already had made their relationship public as there are comments such as ‘Wifey 💕’ from Amir on Cooper’s Insta images.

brett cooper insta
Amir commenting lovey-dovey comments on the pictures on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

So, many speculate they must have gone out for a while before making their dating official on Instagram.

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Brett Cooper And Amir Odom: Dating And Relationship

Amidst the Brett Cooper and Amir Odom dating relationship buzz, there are more things that are coming out to light.

For instance, some fans are congratulating the couple, but on the other hand, some fans are calling out the sexuality of Amir.

As it turns out, Amir Odom is gay and recently came out to his followers on his YouTube channel.

But to break the regular stereotype after coming out, Amir states he does not support the LGBTQ+ community.

He directly rejects the modern pride movement and calls it a hot mess and is an entire charade of things do not matter.

Thus, instead of being Brett Cooper boyfriend, Amir could be sharing a close platonic friendship with Cooper.

With sexuality of Amir out in the open, many fans are relieved and now writing comments like “I almost had a heart attack,” “I hope she makes a reaction video to the comments under this post! ” and so on.

So, despite the romantic comments Amir on Cooper’s images, it seems they are not together, and netizens are again back to square one on the hunt to find out Brett Copper’s boyfriend.

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