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Brian Kleinschmidt wife name is Mika McGee Kleinschmidt. Keep reading to learn more about Brian Kleinschmidt wife, family, and net worth below.

Brian Kleinschmidt is a renowned Tampa developer. In their HGTV series “100 Day Dream Home,” he collaborates with his wife, realtor Mika Kleinschmidt, to create dream bespoke homes for their customers in only 100 days or fewer.

After graduating from college, Brian started flipping houses on his own. He first started out performing construction jobs.

After the housing meltdown of 2008, Kleinschmidt rebuilt his life by starting a network of health clubs. Ten years after their initial encounter in the 11th grade, Brian reconnected with Mika.

The pair won season two of the popular HGTV program “Rock the Block” together. The duo will release a new season of their program as well as the two-part special “100 Day Dream Home: Beachfront Hotel.”

The most recent season of “100 Day Dream Home” drew more than 18.1 million viewers, according to a press release.

The new episodes will feature Brian and Mika taking their customers on inspirational tours of various locations to help them choose the details they want, then quickly designing and building fully customized homes.

Who Is Brian Kleinschmidt Wife Mika McGee?

Brian Kleinschmidt wife name is Mika McGee Kleinschmidt. His spouse is well-known for her work as a real estate developer, reality TV personality, fitness fanatic, and businesswoman in the US.

McGee became well-known when she and her husband, Brian, got featured on the HGTV program 100 Day Dream Home.

Brian Kleinschmidt wife has also appeared on the television program Rock the Block. She has made a name for herself as a successful and well-respected professional during her career.

Mika’s biography thoroughly overviews how she gained notoriety and became known as a popular figure.

Mika McGee
Mika McGeee Kleinschmidt is a real estate agent and the spouse of a television star and real estate developer. (Source: Facebook)

Talking about Brian Kleinschmidt’s wife’s family, she was born and raised in the lovely city of Tampa, Florida. Mika was born to Thomas McGee and Yolanda Pozzi.

As a result of Mika’s father being a military officer, her family regularly had to relocate. The businesswoman was able to experience many cultures and explore various regions of the world as a result, though. Despite this, not much is known about Yolanda Pozzi, Mika’s mother.

Mika’s early experiences may have influenced her decision-making regarding her job. Early in life, she discovered a love of architecture and design, which eventually inspired her to seek a degree in interior design.

Brian Kleinschmidt wife started working as a real estate agent in Tampa after earning her degree from the University of South Florida, where she polished her negotiation, marketing, and sales abilities.

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Mika McGee Net Worth Collection

According to newsunzip, Mika McGee’s net worth is listed at approximately $4.5 million.

McGee has a prosperous career in television and real estate, in addition to being an entrepreneur. The Kleinschmidt Group, a Tampa-based real estate firm, is owned by Mika and her husband.

As a business partner, Mika is principally in charge of managing the company’s business activities. Her husband, Brian, oversees the actual construction of the fantasy houses.

The pair may efficiently manage their time and resources to deliver their clients the highest level of service by splitting up their tasks.

Mika McGee
Brian Kleinschmidt and Mika McGee exchanged marital vows on 11 October 2015. (Source: Tuko)

Mika’s big break came in 2019 when she and her husband, Brian Kleinschmidt, were chosen to co-host the HGTV program 100 Daydream Homes.

The couple’s efforts to assist clients in constructing their ideal houses within a 100-day time constraint are followed on the show.

The combination of Mika’s interior design skills and Brian’s building ability has made them a well-liked team in the television and real estate sectors.

The Kleinschmidts competed in Rock the Block season 2 of HGTV’s popular competition series, along with other well-known HGTV stars, in addition to their program.

The duo was declared the competition’s champions because of their exceptional work ethic and commitment to their art.

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