Brian Mcknight Family

Music fans are curious to know about Brian McKnight’s Siblings. Who are Claude Mcknight And Michael McKnight? 

After finding success in the music industry, American singer and record producer Brian McKnight, wants to spotlight his siblings. 

The rich singer and songwriter earned his wealth through his successful music career. McKnight is known for his wide vocal range and falsetto voice. 

He has released more than 12 studio albums from 1995 to 2017. His 1992 debut album, Brian McKnight, sold at least 1 million copies. Also, McKnight’s total worldwide album sales cross 25 million.

Moreover, he entered into acting line and appeared in the 2009 comedy film, Black Dynamite. McKnight showed up on episodes of Sister, Sister’s television show. 

Presenting a known fact about the American singer and record producer— Brian McKnight’s most successful album, Back at One, released in 1999. The album’s worldwide sales crossed 3 million copies. 

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Meet Brian McKnight Siblings, Claude Mcknight, And Michael McKnight

Claude Mcknight and Michael McKnight are siblings of American singer Brian McKnight.

Brian Mcknight Siblings
American singer Brian McKnight (Source: The Rickey Smiley Morning Show)

The singer began his music career as a child, singing as a church choir member. Brian and his brothers were in a cappella gospel quartet. 

He shares a tight-knitted bond with his two brothers, Claude and Michael McKnight. 

Also, his older brother Claude encouraged his singing passion and helped him sell demo tapes as a teenager. 

Brian, 19 years at the time, signed his first record deal with Wing Records because of his brother’s suggestion to shop demo tapes.

Wing Records’ deal was huge as it was a subsidiary of Mercury Records.

His two brothers, Claude and Michael, may be moved by their brother’s dedication to music. Also, he might be thankful to have supporting siblings at his side.

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Brian McKnight’s Family And Parents

Famous American singer Brian McKnight was born in Buffalo, New York, to Claude McKnight Jr. and Ruth Elaine Willis. 

Claude and Ruth’s son, born in 1969, began singing as a child. McKnight’s family were members of a church choir. 

His parents admitted him to Oakwood College. The University faculty expelled Brian during his sophomore year because he violated the rules of having dorm room visitors. 

The singer initially struggled during his early years, but his family supported his music career. 

In a way, we can say that McKnight’s family played a pivotal role in his success. He became successful in what he liked and inspired many people. 

Moreover, McKnight tied the knot with his college love, Julie McKnight, in 1990. However, their marriage didn’t work out, so Julie and Brian parted ways in 2003.

McKnight’s ex-wife Julie is also a singer and songwriter. He had two kids, Brian Jr. and Niko, with his former wife. 

Net Worth Of Brian McKnight

As of this writing, American singer and songwriter Brian McKnight’s net worth is $10 million.

Brian Mcknight net worth
American singer Brian McKnight’s net worth is $10 million. (Source: YouTube Snip/ Brian Mcknight VEVO)

The singer, songwriter, and record producer earned most of his wealth through his successful music career. Brian is known for his wide range and falsetto voice. 

His 1992 debut album, Brian McKnight, sold more than 1 million copies. He has released over 12 studio albums from 1995 to 2017. His total worldwide album sales cross 25 million.

Moreover, he makes a decent salary from his acting career. McKnight appeared in the 2009 movie Black Dynamite. 

Also, he showed up on a few episodes of Sister, Sister’s television show. 

Strictly speaking, McKnight’s paycheque must be huge, seeing his fame in the entertainment industry. 

Seeing his dedication to music, McKnight’s net worth might grow in the coming days.

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