Brian Pumper arrested

Brian Pumper, born in New York City on April 25, 1981, became well-known in the adult film industry when he was just 19.

He grew up in Long Island, New York, and also goes by the name B. Pumper in his rap career.

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Pumper, who is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, started working in adult films right after finishing high school.

His upbringing on Long Island influenced his decisions in life, including his career path.

Besides his work in adult films, he hopes to establish himself as a rapper with the stage name Bling Man, reflecting his strong passion for hip-hop music, which is evident in both his professional and personal pursuits.

Pumper faced allegations of inappropriate conduct on set, including pressuring actresses into performing acts without their consent and making derogatory remarks about colleagues’ appearance.

In 2012, he was barred from a production company for showing up intoxicated and refusing to work with another male actor.

Regarding his music videos, Pumper often stirs controversy by featuring adult film actresses engaging in explicit sexual content, which many perceive as demeaning to women.

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Brian Pumper Arrested

Online reports indicate that Brian Pumper hails from Hempstead, New York, where he was born and raised.

Both Brian Pumper and Ron Jeremy pursued careers as performers in the adult film industry.

Pumper, a well-liked figure among black actors in the adult film industry, has not only displayed his acting skills but has also tried his hand at directing, beginning with Black Ice.

His career reached a milestone in 2005 when he signed a distribution deal with West Coast Productions.

Controversy surrounded him in 2009 when his exclusive agreement with Evil Angel came to an end.

Brian Pumper arrested
Brian Pumper was arrested in 2020 (Source: iStock)

Allegations emerged that he falsified an STD test for a female performer, resulting in the termination of the contract.

In 2006, Pumper founded his own production company, Freaky Empire.

In 2010, news surfaced that he would star in an adult film alongside Montana Fishburne, the daughter of renowned Hollywood actor Laurence Fishburne.

The movie, titled “Phattys Rhymes and Dimes 14,” was released with Montana using the name “Chippy D.”.

Aside from his work in adult films, Pumper is also a rapper. Since 2011, he has released tracks such as “Porno Nigga,” “Oh And It’s Shaved,” “Swingin Da Lead,” “Swiftly,” and “Pumper.”.

Again, on August 25, 2020, Adam22 shared a video on Twitter showing the arrest of Brian Pumper by LAPD officers.

According to records of inmates, Michael Felton, known as Brian Pumper in the adult film industry, has remained in custody since then, facing close to twelve charges.

Brian Pumper Charged: Is He In Jail Now?

Brian Pumper is an American entertainer known for his work in adult films and directing.

Additionally, he pursued a career in rap music. He founded a production company named Freaky Empire in 2006.

Brian Pumper, known for his work in adult films, remains incarcerated following his arrest in August 2020.

His bail has been set at $2,225,000, indicating the severity of the charges against him.

Although specific details of the charges are not disclosed in the records, three of them carry a $75,000 bail each, while one charge warrants a $2 million bail.

Brian Pumper arrested
Brian Pumper shared an image of him and his childhood friend Abe Luis. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, there is no information available regarding his potential release date.

Information regarding the current status of Brian, a well-known adult film actor, following his arrest remains undisclosed at this time.

There is conjecture that Pumper might still be detained because there have been no updates on his social media accounts since his last post on July 25, 2020.

Therefore, this lack of activity suggests that he could still be in the hands of authorities.

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