Chad Cooper Obituary

Bridgeport, WV Chad Cooper obituary and death cause have been a topic of interest for people. He was well known in his neighborhood for his devotion to the residents, who could always count on him to lend a helping hand or ear. 

Chad was a man with numerous talents and interests, so if you know of anything about which he was especially passionate, by all means, include it here. 

His contagious enthusiasm left a lasting impression on everyone who participated in his excursions. Chad will always be remembered for his sharp wit, infectious smile, and capacity to make people laugh.

He had a remarkable talent for making others feel special, and his actions were well-remembered. 

He acquired the respect of his colleagues since he was devoted and trustworthy in his line of work. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Chad left a lasting legacy.

He used to perform background checks for security clearances and pre-employment positions for the federal government to support WV, PA, OH, and VA caseloads. 

He was also licensed to conduct investigations for the US Office of Personnel Management, US Capitol Police, US Customs and Border Protection, and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

He handled private, sensitive, and confidential information with trust. An SSBI investigation was successfully concluded in 2002, and an SSBI-PR was completed in 2007. 

Read this article till the end to learn about Chad Cooper obituary and other personal details related to him.

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Bridgeport WV Chad Cooper Obituary And Death Cause

Chad Cooper, a beloved native of Bridgeport, West Virginia, who passed away on September 18, 2023, is mourned by his family and friends. 

Chad was more than just a name; he stood for generosity, compassion, and unwavering loyalty to his loved people. Chad was well known for being a dependable friend, ally, family member, and confidant.

His wide grin and kind nature would brighten even the most gloomy days. Those who got to know him will never forget his unwavering support and desire to provide a hand. 

Chad was born and raised in Bridgeport, he had a strong connection to the city. He enjoyed interacting with others and was quite good at creating strong relationships.

Chad Cooper Obituary
Chad Cooper obituary and funeral details will be revealed by his family soon. (Source: Made in Canva)

Whether he was telling stories over coffee or simply offering a listening ear, Chad had a remarkable knack for making everyone feel important and heard.

Chad’s wide variety of interests revealed his fervor for living. He has always had a sense of adventure and wouldn’t turn down the chance to travel or try something new. 

His contagious love for life motivated everyone around him to seize each day. Chad was a committed husband and father and a passionate explorer. 

He was devoted to and loved his family with steadfast devotion. Chad Cooper Obituary details will be revealed by his family soon. 

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Family Mourns The loss Of Chad Cooper

He cherished the time he spent with his family, creating great memories. 

In addition to his immediate family, Chad impacted many of his friends and acquaintances who were fortunate enough to have let him go so soon. 

Even as we mourn Chad Cooper’s departure, let’s remember his beautiful life and the love he shared. His kindness, generosity, and real friendship will continue to serve as an example for us all.

Chad Cooper obituary
His family and close friends will always miss Chad. (Source: Canva)

Even if he is not physically present, his spirit will still impact everyone he encounters. During this trying time, our hearts go out to Chad’s family and friends. 

May their great relationship and fond memories provide them peace. Anyone with the honor of getting to know Chad Cooper will always have cause to be optimistic about him. 

Dear Chad, we pray that your ultimate happiness will equal the love you have shown us. We wish you a peaceful afterlife. Even though everyone shall greatly miss you, we will always remember you. 

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