Tyson Pedro Sister

Tyson Pedro sister: The UFC Champion’s progression through the UFC has been characterized by tenacity, grit, and outstanding performances.

Tyson Pedro has carved out a place for himself in mixed martial arts (MMA), particularly in the Light Heavyweight category of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

His UFC debut on November 15, 2016, against Khalil Rountree at UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Brunson was spectacular.

Moreover, he received a well-deserved “Performance of the Night” bonus after he won the match by submission in the opening round.

Pedros’ ascent continued as he defeated Paul Craig at UFC 209 on March 4, 2017, with a first-round TKO.

However, he faced his first professional loss against Ilir Latifi at UFC 215, a unanimous decision setback.

Additionally, at UFC 221 on February 11, 2018, the Australian fighter showed his resiliency by recovering to defeat Saparbek Safarov through a kimura submission.

Further, despite obstacles, Tyson signed a new six-fight contract with the UFC in August 2018. 

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Tyson Pedro Sister: Meet Brierley Pedro

Tyson Pedro sister, Brierley Pedro, is the wife of Australian professional mixed martial artist Tai Anthony Tuivasa.

There is minimal information about his sister online, as she dislikes staying within the limelight.

While not being a fighter, Brierley Pedro has played an essential role in Tyson Pedro’s life.

Despite her brother’s fame in the MMA community, she prefers to live a somewhat secluded life away from the spotlight.

However, Tyson’s career has been significantly shaped by her support and influence.

As he faced tough opponents in the octagon, Pedro could stay focused and composed thanks to her consistent presence behind the scenes.

Tyson Pedro Sister
Tyson Pedro’s sister plays a significant role in his fighting career. (Source: Devian Art)

Moreover, Tyson Perdo sisters’ modesty and commitment to her brother’s welfare are evident in her choice to maintain a low profile in the MMA community.

As a result, his MMA career has been significantly impacted by Brierley in a quiet yet significant way.

Her brother’s success has been made possible by her constant love, perseverance, and support.

Brierley’s role as Tyson’s faithful supporter is unwavering as he makes his name in the MMA world, reminding him that every great fighter frequently has an unsung hero at his or her side.

Furthermore, she has also been supporting her husband Tai in his professional career, as her brother and husband are friends.

Along with her husband, Tai, Brierley is the mother of Carter Tuivasa,, whose pictures are frequently seen on her husband’s social accounts.

Tyson Pedro Family: Father John Pedro And Mother

Tyson Pedro’s father, John Pedro, was a fighter who participated in the first cage match in Australia as a fighter and MMA exponent. He was the Australian owner of King of the Cage.

Tyson’s fighting career was heavily influenced by his father, who served as his initial coach. His father taught him all the basics of fighting.

Despite many challenges in his professional career, Tyson’s father has always been there for him, supporting and motivating him to perform better.

His mother constantly encouraged her son and her husband in their professional endeavors, ensuring they had a healthy diet in preparation for their battles.

Tyson Pedro Sister
Tyson Pedro’s father was also an MMA fighter and his initial coach. (Source: Fox Sports)

Besides his parents and sister, Tyson has a beautiful wife, Rosie Hardiman, whom he dated for a long time.

They even attended the same college together and were high school sweethearts.

Additionally, the couple began dating in late 2014 and eventually married on November 4, 2015.

Together, they have a lovely daughter, Giselle Grace Pedro, born in August 2021.

Furthermore, he frequently shares lovely pictures with his daughter on Instagram.

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