Bruce Rockowitz

Bruce Rockowitz has two kids from his previous marriage. Here is everything about Bruce Rockowitz first wife name and divorce history. 

Bruce Rockowitz is Hongkong based Canadian businessman. Further, he is the chairman of Rock Media International and co-founder of the Pure Group.

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Following his bio, the Canadian businessman was interested in tennis initially and even dropped out of the University of Vermont to play tennis professionally in Hong Kong in 1979.

Later, he also served as the head tennis coach at the Hong Kong Country Club. 1981 Rockowitz and Zeman founded Colby International, where he served as the CEO and president from 1986 to 2000. 

In addition to this, Rockowitz has recently been the media limelight following the death of his second wife, Coco Lee, who died after an attempted suicide. 

Netizens are captivated to know about Rockowitz’s married life; therefore, people have been searching about his first wife and past marital status with the mother of his two daughters. 

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Bruce Rockowitz First Wife Name

Following the recent controversies about Bruce Rockowitz’s affairs, netizens are curious about his first wife’s name and details. 

Some online sources have reported that Peter Woo’s daughter Jennifer Woo is the first wife of Bruce Rockowitz.

However, this is still to be confirmed as no other official sites have revealed the name of Bruce’s first wife.

Bruce Rockowitz first wife name
Bruce Rockowitz with his second wife, Coco Lele attending an event. (Source: The Distin)

Likewise, the complete details of their wedding date and place remain mysterious. So, this can’t be confirmed yet that Brice and Jennifer were a married couple once, as this might be a kind of hoax. 

In addition to this, Bruce never shared about his first wife and previous married life. Therefore, sharing details about Bruce’s first wife stays secretive.

 Bruce ha shared multiple photos with his daughters Rachel and Sarah however, nothing much can be shared about them at the moment. 

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Bruce Rockowitz Divorce History

Besides Bruce Rockowitz’s professional career, he is gaining much media attention for his past married life. The question about his first wife has filled the media sources. 

However, this is yet unknown who is the biological mother of his two daughters. Along with that, Bruce’s divorce history is trending over social media sources, about which nothing much can be shared.

The businessman Rockowitz never shared his past married life and divorce history, so why Bruce divorced his past wife remains unknown. 

Likewise, people assumed that he also divorced his second wife, Coco Lee, but it is not true Bruce and Coco had not divorced.

Although, rumors were circulating on the internet regarding their separation after Lee lost her weight drastically. Aa people began to say that Lee lost weight due to stress from her husband, who was speculated to have had affairs with younger partners.

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Details On Bruce Rockowitz Family

The Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz was married twice and is the father of two daughters. After separation from his first wife, Bruce married Hong Kong-born singer Coco Lee.

The couple married in Jewish Ceremony in October 2011. Similalry, performers at the lavish wedding banquet included Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and Ne-Yo. 

Bruce Rockowitz family
Picture of Bruce Rockowitz his daughters and his wife, Coco Lele. (Source: Today Online)

The couple was adored and loved by many, and Lee also had a great bond with her stepdaughter, Rachel and Sarah. 

The shocking death news of Rockowitz’s second wife, Lee, shocked the people. And 48-year-old singer reportedly attempted suicide. 

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