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Bruce Willis Daughter illness is what people are constantly searching for on the internet. Have a look at Tallulah Willis’s health 2023 in the below article. 

Bruce Willis is a renowned American actor who has already retired from the showbiz industry. He remained active in the scene from 1980 to 2022.

Some of Bruce’s acting works can be seen in Die Hard, Moonlighting, Motherless Brooklyn, Armageddon, and Moonrise Kingdom.

Bruce has established a name for himself in this field, and due to his amazing work, he has also won some awards, including the Golden Apple Awards and The Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award (2002).

He is making headlines after his daughter shared something related to his health. So, everything has been shared below.

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Bruce Willis Daughter Illness: What Happened To Tallulah Willis?

Bruce Willis daughter illness has dragged everyone’s eyes. Online users are eager to know more about Tallulah Willis’ illness, which many sources have given.

In a moving essay she wrote for Vogue, Tallulah revealed that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in June 2023.

Bruce Willis Daughter illness
Bruce Willis daughter Tallulah Willis has been open about her struggle with her health issues. (Source: People Magazine)

It has been said that she struggled with anorexia nervosa, which led to her diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

In addition to that, she also spoke about the shattering turns of her eating disorder.

Tallulah pinpointed it to a specific trauma from when she was 11 years old. Not only that, but she has also said that she has experienced depression since she was a pre-teen.

Bruce’s daughter also revealed that she was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed stimulant medication. 

Tallulah Willis Health Update 2024

As of 2024, Tallulah Willis health update appears to be fine, but some sources say that she is still recovering. As stated earlier, Tallulah was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Tallulah shared everything about her health issues in a Vogue essay. She also shared something related to her recovery.

Tallulah Willis Health
Tallulah Willis has always been open about her health and is recovering gradually. (Source: Marca.com)

Willis says, “Recovery is probably lifelong, but I now have the tools to be present in all facets of my life, and especially in my relationship with my dad.”

Over the years, Tallulah was struggling with body dysmorphia. Meanwhile, she was too sick to handle her dad’s news about his declining health herself.

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Short Details On Tallulah Willis Father Health

Tallulah Willis father, Bruce Willis, is also in the media prominence as his followers are eager to know about his health matters.

Not to mention, Bruce has been dealing with his health for the past few years.

Bruce is dealing with the degenerative disease, which causes behavioural changes. The news is again in the limelight after Tallulah gave an update about Bruce’s health.

Tallulah Willis Father
Tallulah Willis father, Bruce Willis, has multiple health problems, and Tallulah has also talked about it with the media. (Source: HuffPost UK)

She gave an update on The Drew Barrymore Show and said her family has been very open about Bruce’s battle with FTD. She said it is important to talk about it openly to raise awareness.

Further, Tallulah said, “What I’m learning is that dementia is hard. It’s hard on the person diagnosed; it’s also hard on the family.”

She continued, “And that is no different for Bruce, or myself, or our girls. When they say this is a family disease, it really is.” 

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