Bryan Abasolo Parents

Meet Bryan Abasolo parents Joseph and Olga Abasolo. Also, get insights into the family life of the former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s husband.

Bryan Abasolo gained prominence as the winner of the 13th season of The Bachelorette and is recognized for his expertise as a chiropractor.

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His high-profile marriage to Rachel Lindsay, the groundbreaking first African-American Bachelorette, once symbolized their enduring love, but they announced their divorce after four years.

Amidst the spotlight, questions arise about the pillars of Bryan’s lifeā€”his parents. Joseph and Olga Abasolo stand as the foundational figures in Bryan’s life.

Their identities and family background are pivotal in understanding the man behind the fame.

In this article, we delve deeper into the lives of Joseph and Olga Abasolo, offering insights into the family dynamics that shaped Bryan Abasolo.

Meet Bryan Abasolo Parents Joseph And Olga Abasolo

Born on February 15, 1980, in Miami, Florida, Bryan Abasolo hails from a rich Colombian heritage.

His parents Joseph and Olga Abasolo migrated to the United States to pursue enhanced opportunities.

The Abasolos, seeking a brighter future, settled in Miami, where Bryan and his sister, Erica Abasolo, grew up. Notably, Erica, like Bryan, pursued a career as a chiropractor.

Bryan Abasolo parents
Rachel of “The Bachelorette” joins Bryan in Miami, spending quality time with his parents. (Image Source: Just Jared)

Throughout his life, Bryan has consistently leaned on his parents’ unwavering support and guidance.

To Bryan, Joseph and Olga are more than just parents; they epitomize his ideals, serve as his paramount supporters, and constitute his world.

This deep-seated bond often manifests on Bryan’s Instagram feed, where he frequently shares glimpses of cherished moments with them, while showering them with love and gratitude.

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This familial bond was palpably evident during Bryan’s stint on The Bachelorette.

Embracing his decision enthusiastically, Joseph and Olga welcomed Rachel Lindsay, the titular Bachelorette, into their family fold with warmth and affection.

Their camaraderie was further solidified when they graced Bryan and Rachel’s nuptials in Mexico, bestowing upon the couple their heartfelt blessings, symbolizing the union of two families bound by love and mutual respect.

Bryan Abasolo Family: Ethnicity & Origin

Bryan Abasolo is proud of his Colombian heritage and he embraces his culture and traditions. He speaks fluent Spanish and loves Colombian food, music, and dance.

He also visits Colombia frequently to reconnect with his relatives and friends. Bryan has introduced Rachel to his Colombian roots and she has embraced them as well.

They have traveled to Colombia together and met Bryan’s extended family. They have also learned how to salsa dance and enjoy Colombian cuisine.

Bryan Abasolo family
Bryan introduces Rachel from “The Bachelorette” to his Colombian heritage, including a meeting with his grandmother in Miami. (Image Source: E! Online)

Bryan and Rachel have also shared their cultures with the world. They have participated in various events and initiatives that celebrate diversity and inclusion.

They have also spoken out against racism and discrimination and advocated for social justice.

Bryan Abasolo is a successful TV star and chiropractor and a loving husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend.

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He has a strong bond with his parents, Joseph and Olga Abasolo, who have taught him the values of hard work, respect, loyalty, and kindness.

He also has a rich family history that reflects his Colombian identity and heritage.

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