Bryan Silva Jail

Many people are expressing their queries over the heading “Bryan Silva Jail” as the rumors of his arrest start to fly around. 

Bryan Silva was one of the world’s most popular up-and-coming internet personalities.

The news of his arrest became instantly famous, and people started spamming their browsers with the search term “Bryan Silva Jail.”

In this article, we will talk about all the details relating to the case. 

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Bryan Silva Jail: What Did He Do- Arrest And Charge?

As the reports of his imprisonment spread, many people ask questions under the headline “Bryan Silva Jail.”

Bryan Silva was one of the most well-liked young internet stars in the entire world. His arrest quickly gained notoriety, and people began flooding search engines with the term “Bryan Silva Jail.”

A social media influencer has admitted guilt to two firearms counts related to the Charlottesville confrontation in January.

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Bryan Silva admitted to being a felon in possession of a handgun and displaying a firearm on Monday afternoon in Charlottesville Circuit Court.

When CBS 19’s Cherney Amhara asked Silva if he had anything to say when he came to court, Silva responded, “I’m getting out today; free your boy.”

When his 17-year-old girlfriend reported to authorities that he had threatened her with a gun and kept her against her will on January 3 on Jefferson Park Avenue, the 25-year-old was charged with the crime.

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After the hours-long standoff that Silva was live-streaming on Facebook, Silva was taken into custody.

With his attorney John March by his side, Silva entered the plea in front of his mother and older brother. A felony abduction charge was withdrawn as part of the plea deal.

It’s a lot better outcome than the criminal accusation of kidnapping, claimed March. We are pleased with it, therefore.

Silva will be freed from custody on Tuesday after posting a $20,000 bond and will be under House arrest at his mother’s residence until his sentencing in July.

bryan silva 1
Bryan Silva has been arrested. (Source: Facebook)

The home arrest arrangements, however, are unusual and contain stringent guidelines. Silva’s source of fame and money is social media, which is prohibited.

How Long Will Bryan Be In Jail For?

Silva is also not permitted to remain at home by himself. He is forbidden from returning to the Jefferson Park Avenue residence where the standoff occurred and is obliged to wear a GPS tracking device.

The matter is still only partially resolved. We expect positive results during sentencing, said March.

“We’ll want a pre-sentence report and come back sometime in July.” “I think the court will recognize that he has had some time to reflect on who he is and has matured as an individual.”

Bryan Silva is a very talented up and coming rapper. (Source: Facebook)
Bryan Silva is a very talented up-and-coming rapper. (Source: Facebook)

He must reside in Orange County with his mother.

On July 5, Silva is scheduled to return for sentencing when the judge also hears another case against him for contempt of court.

The 25-year-old was charged with a crime after his 17-year-old girlfriend informed the Police on January 3 on Jefferson Park Avenue that he had threatened her with a gun and held her against her will.

Silva was captured following the standoff, which he had been live-streaming on Facebook for several hours.

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