Burak Yilmaz Religion

Find out about the Burak Yilmaz religion via this article. Yılmaz is a professional footballer from Turkey. 

Burak plays as a forward and is currently the captain of Fortuna Sittard, a team in the Eredivisie league. He is known for being one of only nine players to play for all three of Turkey’s major football clubs, and Trabzonspor is called the “Big Four.”

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Yilmaz began his professional career at Antalyaspor and later played for Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Trabzonspor, Galatasaray, Beijing Guoan, and Lille.

He won several championships and was twice the top scorer in the Süper Lig league. He has also represented Turkey in international matches and is the country’s second-highest scorer ever.

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Burak Yilmaz Religion: Is He Muslim? 

As per provided information, Burak is a Muslim and has been seen performing Islamic rituals such as praying and fasting during Ramadan.

But there has been confusion among his fans, who have been following the information about Ylimaz being Christian. There are many sources online that have mentioned his religion as Christian. 

Burak Yilmaz was raised in a Muslim household and considers himself a devout follower of Islam.
Burak Yilmaz was raised in a Muslim household and considered himself a devout follower of Islam. (Image Source: Daily Sabah)

Yilmaz has not publicly discussed his religion, so there has been confusion, and different data has been shared online. 

Many prefer to keep their faith and belief away from people, and it is essential to respect their privacy. 

Burak Yilmaz Family Ethnicity And Origin

Yılmaz’s family ethnicity and origin is Turkish. He was born in Antalya, a city in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, and he identifies as a member of the Anatolian Turks, the largest ethnic group in the country.

Burak Yilmaz nationality is Turkish.
Burak Yilmaz nationality is Turkish. (Image Source: Ligue 1)

It is also known that his father, Fikret Yılmaz, was a former goalkeeper for Antalyaspor, a professional football club based in Antalya.

Regarding his mother, Belgin Yilmaz, minimal public information is available. The player’s parents have preferred to keep their data away from the eyes of sources and media.

But the player has often talked about his parents in an interview, about how they supported him with his career path and interest. 

Additionally, the player has yet to discuss any information about his siblings, which might mean he is the single child of Fikret and Belgin. 

Burak Yilmaz Wife- Family Details 

Yilmaz married his wife, İstem Atilla, for the second time in 2020. The couple decided to marry in 2009, but the wedding was canceled. 

But in 2014, they finally married and welcomed their first child Nazlı Yılmaz in 2015. Then, they had their second child Derin Yılmaz in 2016. 

Their relationship faced difficulties when Yilmaz forced his wife to have an abortion while she was four months pregnant with their second daughter, Derin Yılmaz, while playing for China’s Beijing Guoan team in 2016.

Burak Yilmaz got married for the second time with his wife İstem Atilla, in 2020.
Burak Yilmaz married for the second time to his wife, İstem Atilla, in 2020. (Image Source: NTV)

After some complications, they started living separately in 2018. But eventually, they stayed together for the sake of their children and got re-married in 2020. 

The couple has been together for over 15 years and still looks like a newlywed couple. 

The couple is often spotted in public and traveling together, indicating that they have reconciled and are back together.

The player has shared pictures of him with his wife, but no images of their children are available. It is common among celebrities to keep their children’s information away from the media. 

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