Burton Woman

Get to know about Burton Woman, who her mother’s boyfriend assaulted. 

The news about the 18-year-old daughter who was assaulted at her home has been going on since the news was out on December 19, 2022. 

Many questions have been raised about the case, but there needs to be more information in public. 

Let’s get updated about the case together; this article will include everything you need to know about assault cases.

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Burton Woman, Assaulted By Her Mother’s Boyfriend In A Cedar Road Apartment

At 6:55 pm, the woman reported being assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend in the Cedar Road apartment.

Burton Woman mentioned that her mother’s boyfriend often came to their apartment, and she always suspected some different expression on the man. 

On December 19, when her mother was not at the apartment, he assaulted her. The woman has kept her profile private from the eyes of the public. 

Also, there have not been any pictures of the man and neither her mother. The woman is 18 years old and has been staying with her mother. 

It is very wrong to assault her own partner’s daughter, and he will probably stay in jail for a long time.

There needs to be more information about the woman, the man, and her mother. The news has yet to take an interest like any other big news.

If the pictures and name of the person were out, people might have taken the issue personally. Also, some of them have mentioned that they want the identity of the man who assaulted an 18-year-old girl.

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Charges and Arrested of Burton Woman, Mother’s Boyfriend 

The man, 30, was charged with domestic violence and falsification. When Police arrived at his place, he gave a false identity. 

So, he has been charged and arrested for two illegal works; he will probably be jailed for over ten years. 

The investigation is going on; more information is yet to come out, and the man is still under Police investigation. 

People have been interviewing for the case to get cleared out, but he has yet to share any information regarding the case.

Police have been investigating whether or not he was there when the woman complained about the case. 

Police investigation about the case is still going on since Dec 19.
Police investigation about the case is still going on since Dec 19. (Image Source: Community Psychology)

The woman said he was confirmed to come to the apartment as he and her mother had been together for a long time.

Get connected to follow up about more information after the investigation is done. 

Do share your thoughts regarding the case via the comment section; what should be done to the man? 

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