Buster Murdaugh Testimony Video

Buster Murdaugh testimony video went viral on different social media platforms. His father, Alex, is accused of double homicide.

Alex Murdaugh, aged 54, is facing trial after being accused of committing two counts of first-degree murder and two associated weapons charges.

Alex is pleaded not guilty yet but is accused of killing his son, Paul, and wife, Maggie. 

Paul, Buster’s younger brother, was shot in the chest and head from close range, whereas Maggie was shot multiple times in the back.

As per the report, they were shot by 300 Blackout ammunition from an AR-style rifle and pronounced dead on the scene.

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Buster Murdaugh Testimony Video Went Viral On Social Media 

On Tuesday morning, Buster, who is 26 years old, stood to give his testimony. During his testimony, he was seen wearing a black blazer and a white button-down shirt. 

Buster, the son of Alex who has been accused of first-degree murder, stood for his Father; he got emotional when they talked about the night he saw his brother and mother, who were shot and covered in blood. 

Controlling his emotion and trying not to cry, he mentioned that he was called by his Father on the night of June 27, 2021, saying that his mother and brother had been shot. 

Buster said his Father first said to him, ‘Are you sitting down?’ before starting another conversation.

The surviving son of Alex Murdaugh testified about his father on Tuesday morning.
The surviving son of Alex Murdaugh testified about his Father on Tuesday morning. (Image Source: People.com)

He said Alex sounded very worried in the call; he rushed with his girlfriend to his parent’s place and found his Father crying alone. 

His Father couldn’t control himself and hugged him after he arrived at the place, they called emergency, and the case was forwarded for investigation. 

During testimony, Buster looked very emotional when he talked about the night he rushed to his parent’s place and found out his mother and brother, Paul, was being shot. 

Alex’s trial is expected to last at least another week. More information is yet to get clear, and the investigation is ongoing. 

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Who Is Alex Murdaugh Son Girlfriend, Brooklynn White?

After Alex’s son Buster revealed that he and his girlfriend came together after finding out his younger brother and mother were shot, people discussed his girlfriend. 

Buster and Brooklynn White have been living together for a long time, sharing a great bond. 

As per the Source, Brooklyn and his boyfriend got to know each other when she was in the University; White attended the University of Alabama, where she graduated with a B.A. in political science in 2018.

Buster Murdaugh along with his girlfriend Brooklynn White.
Buster Murdaugh, along with his girlfriend, Brooklynn White. (Image Source: Distractify)

Brooklyn has been beside him for a long time; you can also see her on the trail with his supporting him in a rough time. 

Buster’s girlfriend has not missed any trial with him; she seems very supportive of him. 

The couple has not been engaged or married yet, but they live together in Hilton Head, S.C.

Brooklyn was close with the Murdaugh family; he often visited them with her boyfriend. They celebrate festivals together and are always on good terms with his mother and brother, who were killed in 2021. 

More personal information about Alex’s son’s girlfriend has not been shared in public; she has chosen to keep her private life away from the eyes of the media. 

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