Cal Wilson Family

Cal Wilson family, especially her parents, Murry Gage Wilson and Audree Wilson, provided integral support to help her achieve great success in the comedy scene.

Cal Wilson, the stand-up comedian from New Zealand, made people laugh with her funny and friendly style.

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She spent 20 years in Australia, becoming well-known for co-hosting The Great Australian Bake Off and appearing on Thank God You’re Here.

Sadly, she passed away at 53 after a short illness. Her artist’s management agency confirmed the *****.

Even though she’s no longer with us, her legacy will always be remembered.

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Cal Wilson Family: Father Murry And Mother Audree Wilson

Cal Wilson was born to her Father, Murry Gage Wilson and Mother, Audree Wilson, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Her father, Murry Gage Wilson, is a bit of a mystery in her life, but he strongly supports her.

He contributed to Cal’s quick and clever humor and started her journey into comedy.

Not much is out there in public about Murry’s personal life, but it is evident that he was Cal’s most significant support.

Audree Wilson, Cal’s mom, is a bit mysterious, and little is known about her story.

She was a big part of shaping who Cal is today during her growing-up years.

We’re not sure if Audree enjoyed comedy like her daughter or if she watched Cal’s success with quiet pride. 

Cal Wilson Family- Father Murry And Mother Audree Wilson
 We deeply sympathize with Cal Wilson’s family, grieving the immense loss. (Image Source: The Australian)

Cal Wilson’s family story doesn’t mention whether she has brothers or sisters.

When Cal moved to Melbourne in 2003 for her comedy career, it likely stirred things up in the family.

She was achieving great heights in her career, and her parents were very proud of their daughter.

Additionally, she found international success when she made her funny show on Netflix, which came out in 2019.

Losing a daughter is never easy, and we express our deepest condolence to the Cal Wilson family grieving the immense loss.

Cal Wilson Husband And Kids

Cal Wilson’s new chapter began when she married Chris Woods in January 2008.

They started a life together, facing life’s challenges side by side. Their family grew more robust when they welcomed their son, Digby, into the world.

As parents, Cal and Chris created a happy and loving home in Sunshine, a suburb of Melbourne.

Digby, their son, became a particular part of their family story. Besides Cal’s funny performances on stage, she shared love and creativity at home.

Cal Wilson husband Chris Woods
Cal Wilson and her husband, Chris Woods, lived with their son Digby in Melbourne. (Image Source: The Chronicle)

In 2019, she tried something new by writing two lovely children’s books.

Cal Wilson’s writing wasn’t just a fun hobby; it was a special gift for her son Digby, a collection of stories created by his talented mom.

In the challenging year of 2020, when Covid lockdowns made things tough, Cal Wilson found comfort in making enormous, fancy headdresses.

This creative journey resulted in a fancy portrait of Cal wearing one of her extraordinary headdresses. It won a big prize at the 2023 Archibalds.

Wilson’s family and her loved ones had fun doing lots of things.

They laughed on stage, wrote stories for kids, and even made fancy headdresses together. They enjoyed all sorts of activities in their life as a family.

Together, they made a beautiful picture of a life filled with love, creativity, and many family adventures.

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