Colby Richards was reported missing by his wife. Get insights on Colby Richards wife, Callie Richards, Wikipedia and age.

When her husband went missing one week after leaving their home on foot, his heartbroken wife experienced relief and delight upon learning of his discovery.

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Even though there are unanswered mysteries behind his abduction, Colby Richards has been alive in Montgomery County, Texas, following a protracted eight-day search.

It is unknown how Colby was found. However, he was located in The Woodlands, a part of Montgomery County that is not incorporated.

According to Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson, medical examiners are looking at Richards, who did not immediately divulge his condition.

Callie Richards Wikipedia: Is Colby Richards Wife On The World Famous Encyclopedia?

Colby Richards Wife, Callie Richards, is not listed on the official page of Wikipedia. Callie became the talk of the town as her husband went missing a few days back on May 26.

Her professional life is a mystery. Meanwhile, Callie’s husband was an engineer and a baseball coach. The information regarding the couple’s marriage has not been revealed to the public.

The woman came into the limelight after she reported her husband missing after an unusual activity. Callie Richards last saw her husband when he got out of bed on May 26 at around 5 am.

Colby Richards Wife
Callie Richards is the wife of her missing husband, Colby Richards. (Source: The US Sun)

He usually gets up early, but something felt different that day. The anxious wife went seeking for Richards, 32, when he failed to return to their room, but he was not found.

The household had dogs and young children who could easily escape the yard if left unlocked, so it was strange that the house was unoccupied and the rear gate was open.

Fox, the missing man’s cousin, speaking on behalf of the family, told Fox News Digital that Richards left his wallet and phone at home. Still, oddly, authorities discovered his water bottle outside a path close to the family’s home.

According to Fox, Richards frequently went for walks and occasionally did so without his phone, but he usually called his wife to let her know before leaving.

According to the news source, Richards preferred to unplug to meditate and wasn’t a large social media user.

Fox commented that it was especially odd, considering he was scheduled to start work that morning.

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How Old Is Colby Richards Wife, Callie Richards?

According to Cafemom, Callie Richards is 35 years old as of 2024. So, we can estimate that Richard’s wife was born to her parents in 1989. 

Callie’s exact age and date of birth are not available publicly. As the woman just wanted to find her missing husband, she hasn’t revealed much about her personal life. 

As a result, there is only a little information on her personal life besides her husband Colby and the fact that she is the mother of two; a 4-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son.

Colby Richards Wife
Callie Richards with her husband, Colby, and daughter. (Source: New York Post)

But Callie’s love for Colby shows how much she loves her husband. Her sheer determination to find her husband shows her love for him.

The missing man’s cousin, Allison, stated on Facebook that she is awaiting a response from EquuSearch after the family contacted them for assistance with the inquiry.

“We are still looking for volunteers and reevaluating every day. We currently have volunteer help to coordinate through next Saturday, so we want to continue exploring at least until then. We won’t stop trying. Colby needs to be found, she wrote.

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