Calvin Abueva Scandal

Calvin Abueva scandal is going viral on the internet these days, as the Filipino basketball player was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife. 

Calvin Abueva is a Filipino professional basketball player who currently plays for the Magnolia Hotshots in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). 

He started his basketball career playing for the San Sebastian College-Recoletos Stags in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) before entering the PBA in 2012 as the 10th overall pick of the Alaska Aces.

Calvin quickly made a name for himself in the league with his tenacious and physical style of play, earning him the nickname “The Beast.”

Throughout his career, the athlete has won multiple awards and accolades, including being named to the PBA All-Star Team multiple times, winning the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Best Player of the Conference award in 2016, and being named to the PBA Mythical First Team in 2017.

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Calvin Abueva Scandal: Accused Of Domestic Violence

Off the court, Calvin has been involved in various controversies throughout his career, including a suspension from the PBA for his on-court behavior and domestic violence abuse from his ex-wife.

In 2019, Calvin Abueva was involved in a controversy after being accused of domestic violence by his former partner, Sam Abueva.

Sam filed a complaint against Abueva for physical abuse, citing incidents of physical assault and emotional distress during their relationship.

After the accusation, the basketball player was even suspended indefinitely by the PBA for his involvement in the case and his conduct on and off the court.

Calvin Abueva Scandal
Calvin Abueva’s ex-wife, Sam accused him of domestic violence. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Calvin Abueva’s ex-wife alleged that for the past nine years, Abueva has been torturing her. Sam replied that she has been hurt by her spouse “since college days until now” when asked if he is loyal.

However, the athlete denied those allegations and said they were false and baseless.

After the scandal came out, Phoenix head coach Louie Alas, and governor Atty. Raymond Zorilla was asked to comment on the entire incident.

However, both of them chose to not respond to anything about the matter. Still, Phoenix team manager Paolo Bugia insisted that the club never interferes in any of its players’ private affairs.

“Professional clubs don’t really meddle in players’ home and personal matters.

Teams continue to expect their athletes to act professionally both on and off the court,” according to Phoenix team manager Paolo Bugia, who spoke to SportsCenter Philippines.

Calvin Abueva Scandal Video And Photo

Although Calvin denied the domestic violence accusations made by his ex-wife, there are several videos and photos available on the internet that acts as proof of his wrongdoings.

Sam Abueva, the ex-wife of the basketball player, accused Abueva of domestic violence through a live-streamed video and a series of pictures and Q&A slides on the sports personality’s first Instagram account (@calvinabuevaofficial).

Calvin Abueva Scandal
Calvin Abueva has been surrounded by several controversies over the years. (Source: YouTube)

The pregnant mother of four claimed in a 14-minute tell-all that the 6-foot-2 cager attempted to weigh her down, which led to a spotting incident that required hospitalization.

She continued by saying that Calvin also made sexual approaches, but she refused them because she feared losing the baby.

Sam also disclosed that the revelation came about because she had been suffering at Calvin’s hands.

In the clip, she mentioned that she was exposing the athlete so that he can no longer have the power to abuse others.

After those videos and photos were posted by Calvin’s ex-wife, it circulated all over the media and put the renowned basketball player in the bad light.

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