Cam Tait Wife

People are searching for information about Cam Tait wife Joan Tait. Follow up to learn about his family as well. 

Cam Tait, a respected Edmonton Sun and Canadian Western Bank employee has passed away.

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He was a longtime resident of Edmonton, Alberta, and worked as a specialist in Belonging and Accessibility at the bank. The death cause of Cam has not been disclosed yet. 

He was a journalist, author, and speaker who also worked as a specialist in Belonging and Accessibility at the Canadian Western Bank.

Tait was also a sports commentator with cerebral palsy, which he used as a platform to advocate for disability rights and raise awareness about accessibility issues.

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Who Is Cam Tait Wife Joan Tait? Married Life 

Cam Tait’s wife is Joan Tait. She is mentioned in several of his columns and was essential to his life.

Joan and Cam were married for over 25 years, and she was an essential source of support and encouragement for him throughout their marriage.

Cam mentioned celebrating his 25th anniversary with his wife in the year 2020. They were very close and shared an incredible bond as a new couple after being married for over 25 years. 

In one of his columns, Cam describes how Joan helped him to overcome challenges related to his cerebral palsy and supported him in pursuing his goals.

The information from the Edmonton Sun shows that Cam expresses his appreciation for Joan’s unwavering support and care, despite the challenges due to his cerebral palsy.

Cam Tait with his wife Joan Tait who supported him to overcome obstacles and pursue his goals.
Cam Tait, with his wife supported him to overcome obstacles and pursue his goals. (Image Source: Facebook)

He mentions her willingness to go out and buy things for him when he feels unwell and her strength and resilience when faced with her health issues.

Following the news of the author’s passing, many people have been sending their condolences and sympathies to his wife and family during this difficult time.

They have been offering prayers and messages of support to help them cope with the loss.

The outpouring of love and care from friends, fans, and other loved ones demonstrates the author’s impact on people’s lives and how deeply he will be missed.

There has always been minimal public information about his wife and personal info. But he often shared pictures of her on occasion, like her birthday or Mother’s Day.

Cam Tait Family Background 

Tait did not publicly share about his family, but he mentioned his family member on his Facebook account. 

Before passing, Cam Tait had recently shared a picture of himself with his sister Joan and brother Brad. He seemed to have a great bond with his family.

Cam had three grandsons, Mathew, Nick, and Christopher, with whom he shared a great bond and often spent time together.

His son Darren is a fine man who has supported his Father and has been seen with Cam most of the time. 

Cam Tait with his three grandsons and son Darren.
Cam Tait with his three grandsons and son Darren. (Image Source: Facebook)

It is clear from Cam Tait’s writings and public statements that his family was a source of great support and encouragement for him, especially in dealing with the challenges of his cerebral palsy.

He has mentioned his wife Joan, his son Darren, and his grandsons Nick, Christopher, and Matthew in his writings and has expressed his gratitude for the love and support his family and loved ones have provided.

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