Cameron Herrin Parents

Cameron Herrin parents are Chris Herrin and Cherly Herrin. Find out more about Chris and Cheryl via this article. 

Herrin came into the limelight after getting involved in a fatal street racing accident on May 23, 2018. 

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He was driving a high speed on a busy street when he struck and killed a mother and her young daughter crossing the road.

Herrin was found guilty on all charges and was sentenced to 24 years in prison in May 2021.

He was originally from Tampa, Florida, and was 18 at the time of the accident. Many questions were raised against Herrin and his parents. 

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Cameron Herrin Parents: Who Are Chris Herrin And Cheryl Herrin?

Herrin was born to Chris Herrin and Cheryl Herrin in the year 1999. His parents supported his career as he participated in racing games. 

Chris and Cheryl kept their life away from the media since their son was involved in an accident and was later sentenced to 24 years. 

Cameron’s Father, Chris, is an editor and filmmaker; the detailed information has not been disclosed yet. 

Cheryl is vice president at State Farm Insurance Company. The couple moved to Tampa, Florida, after Cameron turned seven. 

So, Cameron attended Tampa Catholic School and later graduated from Texas Tech University. His academic was good, and his parents were proud of him. 

Cameron was raised along with his older brother Tristan Herrin. He shares a great bond with his brother; they often participate in any program together. 

The Herrin family in SkyDive City in Zephyrhills to celebrate Cameron Herrin's 18th birthday.
The Herrin family in SkyDive City in Zephyrhills celebrate Cameron Herrin’s 18th birthday. (Image Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Cameron was active on Tiktok; he shared related videos on his account and sometimes involved his parents and brother. 

Cameron’s family celebrated his 18th birthday in November at SkyDive City in Zephyrhills. So, the pictures from the trip have been out in public. 

His family member has been asked for privacy since he was arrested. They have been out of the eyes of the media. 

Cameron Herrin Religion And Ethnicity 

Herrin is of Caucasian ethnicity, which generally refers to people of European descent.

Cameron Herrin is an American citizen born and raised in the United States. He has not emigrated from any other country and has always been a resident of the U.S.

After he was seven years old, Herrin moved with his family to Florida, where he grew up and eventually became involved in the fatal street racing accident that resulted in his conviction and imprisonment.

Talking about Herrin’s religion has been very unclear in some of the sources. But as per the mentioned source, he has been following Christanity since birth. 

Herrin has not revealed his religion publicly, so we cannot confirm it yet. He has not shared any related pictures so that we can ensure he is Christan. 

Most Americans follow Christianity and believe in Jesus Christ, so that 21-year-old boy has also followed the Christianity faith. 

Cameron Herrin Relationship Status: Who Is His Girlfriend? 

There was a video viral of Savanah sobbing in the courtroom. It was later revealed that Savanah was Cameron’s fiance. 

Herrin often shared pictures of him with his fiance on his Instagram account. 

Cameron Herrin shared a picture with his partner.
Cameron Herrin shared a picture with his partner. (Image Source: Instagram)

The couple seems to share a great bond; they are high school sweethearts. Savanah is not active on social media, so much information about her has not been released. 

Also, people mentioned that she was out of the relationship after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to more than 24 years. 

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