Three Teens Arrested

Three teens have been arrested after connection to a ******** on 17th Street that murdered two young people and injured four others near Atlantic Station. Investing authority suppose this is gang involvement.

Cameron Jackson And Zyion Charles were the victims whose life was taken during the incident, surprising many. The Police personnel is widely searching the possible evidence and suspects regarding the case. 

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Along with the update, media outlets are widely covering the incident’s update; likewise, the general people are becoming aware of the incident, leading to colossal concern.

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Cameron Jackson And Zyion Charles; What Happened To Them?

Cameron Jackson And Zyion Charles are the victims who suffered life loss on Nov. 29 this year. After being shot on 17th Street, the aftermath is being investigated.

'That was my baby boy' | Mother condemns gun violence that killed 15-year-old son near Atlantic Station
‘That was my baby boy’ | Mother condemns gun violence that killed 15-year-old son near Atlantic Station (Source- 11 Alive)

Many people felt a heartfelt loss after hearing the news. Family-related performed the funeral for Zyion Charles at 1 pm at The First Iconium Baptist Church on Moreland Avenue in southeast Atlanta.

The authorities are dedicated to providing them justice and finding the cause behind their ******, and the suspects are being detained with proper evidence to punish them.

Even though the victim’s entire identity is publicly disclosed, they were just teenagers when their ***** occurred. Following privacy, the victim’s whereabouts are less shared.

Moreover, while seeing the ******** pattern, Police believe Jackson was the intended target and that Charles may have been killed in the crossfire. 

Three Teens Arrested For Deadly ******** At Atlantic Station

Previously, two teens were arrested for the deadly ******** as a suspect at Atlantic station, but now one more teenager has also been detained for the same purpose.

During the last week, Police asserted the arrests of two teens, specified only as 15 and a 16-year-old student at Atlanta Public Schools, as the murders. Shortly, a third suspect, a 16-year-old from Clayton County, is captured.

After the arrest, the suspect was captured as a Party to ****** and aggravated assault, along with gang charges. The teen has not been identified because he or she is a juvenile.

When talking about the aftermath, the authority mentioned that the case is widely active.

CCTV surveillance has been released, and Police believe who was involved in the ******** that left the young boys dead has been enquired.

Community gathers for ‘peace walk’ to honor two young boys killed near Atlantic Station
Community gathers for ‘peace walk’ to honor two young boys killed near Atlantic Station (Source- 11 Alive)

Furthermore, Police said an off-duty Atlanta Police officer and Atlantic Station security guards had accompanied a group of minors for disorderly behavior. 

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Cameron Jackson And Zyion Charles Families And Their Concern

Cameron Jackson And Zyion Charles’s families are suffering one of the saddest moments after their ***** and are ahead to seek justice. Mostly, Zyion Charles’s family has been widely publicized.

After the Zyion’s final rites, there were plans for a march that was initiated at the Olympic Rings at Capitol Avenue and ended outside the Liberty Plaza Gate. Zion’s twin sister was seen sad mentioning his loss.

His family had gathered in a city hall meeting to discuss their loss after violence troubled the city.

The boy’s mother said her son was caught up with people as she described bad influences who committed crimes such as car break-ins. She also said she contacted Atlanta Police multiple times about her son.

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