Missing Boy Cameron Robbins

Cameron Robbins siblings Cole and Cassie Robbins are devasted as their brother has been missing since May 21, 2023. Meet his family.

Cameron Robbins was an eighteen-year-old recent high school graduate who was celebrating his graduation from the University Laboratory School based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Robbins and other teenagers took a trip to the Bahamas. On May 24, the group was aboard Blackbeard’s Revenge, a sunset cruise, when Robbins went overboard.

Reportedly, Cameron jumped off the boat on a dare. Video taken of the incident shows Robbins swimming in the waters in almost darkness. Afterward, Robbins disappeared.

Cameron Robbins Siblings: Meet His Brother Cole And Sister Cassie Robbins

Cameron Robbins is survived by his siblings Cole (brother) and Cassie (sister). Robbins reportedly does not have biological siblings, as he was adopted.

According to a report, he was adopted shortly after his birth in November 2004 in Abilene, Texas. Furthermore, Robbins was a family person.

When the incident happened, Robbins had just returned from a weekend fishing trip on the Louisiana Gulf Coast with his dad and brother.

Cameron Robbins Siblings
Cameron Robbins is survived by his parents, William Robbins and Shari Robbins and his siblings, Cole and Cassie. ( Source: New York Post )

There are not many details regarding Cameron’s siblings, but it can be said that they are deeply saddened by the news of their beloved brother.

The images of Robbins’ siblings can be found on the internet, which have been heavily shared after Cameron went missing.

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Cameron Robbins Family Life Explored

Cameron Robbins was a family person and is survived by his parents, William Robbins and Shari Robbins. All of them are devasted as they have lost an important person in their family.

They also helped a US representative to expedite emergency travel to the Bahamas, where Cameron was last seen. Together, they covered over 325 square miles with no success before calling off the search on May 26, 2023, as they had seen no trace of Cameron.

Cameron Robbins Family
Cameron Robbins recently graduated from high school at University Laboratory School. ( Source: New York Post )

All of his family members are receiving supporting messages via various social media platforms as they are currently in deep pain.

Not to mention, his mother, Shari, is an indescribably amazing teacher whose devotion has helped countless kids throughout her career.

Who Was Cameron Robbins?

Cameron Robbins was a young boy from the United States of America who recently graduated from high school at University Laboratory School.

Reportedly, Cameron played baseball while attending the school. He and other teenagers were on a celebration trip to the Bahamas and staying at the Atlantis Paradise resort located in Nassau, Louisiana State University.

Not to mention, the trip was not a school-sanctioned program. On May 24, Cameron allegedly dared to jump off the boat. Video captured in the moments after he jumped into the water showed him swimming around the vessel as passengers on the sunset cruise yelled at Cameron.

Cameron Robbins Missing
Cameron Robbins allegedly dared to jump off the boat on May 24, 2023 and has not been seen since then. ( Source: Daily Mail )

In the video, people can be heard urging Robbins to grab onto the buoy that they threw into the water for him. Many social media sources have claimed that he was taken by a shark, as some portals have said that the area where Cameron jumped off was shark-infested.

On May 27, Coast Guard crews searched more than 325 square miles, and they concluded their efforts with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force pending further developments.

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