Carlee Russell Boyfriend

Carlee Russell boyfriend, Thomas Latrell Simmons, is a native of Hoover, Alabama. Please find out more about their relationship in this article.

Carlee Russell is a nursing student whose name came into the media after being abducted on July 13, 2023. Her disappearance led to a great deal of press coverage. 

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Reportedly, Russell appeared at her parent’s home on July 15 after being missing for 49 hours, and questions have been raised about whether the abduction occurred.

Apart from that, her news has left everyone surprised and now, people are asking questions regarding her personal life, mainly her relationship with her boyfriend.

Where Is Carlee Russell Boyfriend Thomar Latrell Simmons?

Carlee Russell boyfriend, Thomar Latrell Simmons, is said to be a first-generation graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

He was born in Hoover, Alabama. As of now, it is unknown where Thomar is now.

On December 3, 2022, Simmons posted some snaps on his Instagram handle showing graduation moments.

Further information regarding Thomar’s personal and professional life remains unknown.

Carlee Russell Boyfriend
Carlee Russell’s boyfriend, Thomas Latrell Simmons, is a first-generation graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. (Source: Thedistin)

Thomar came into media prominence after being recognized as the boyfriend of Carlee Russell, a nursing student who reported she was abducted on July 13, 2023.

Furthermore, Russell shocked everyone when she appeared at her parent’s house on July 15 after being missing for 49 hours.

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Thomar Latrell Simmons Cheating And Affairs Details

Everyone on the internet has been searching for the news related to Thomar Latrell Simmons’ cheating and affairs. As of now, there are no details about it.

Many people may have thought that Simmons cheated on his girlfriend. It remains unknown when the duo started dating. Furthermore, Simmons was dragged into the controversy when Carlee went missing.

Her boyfriend, who was once supportive, has decided it is time to move on. Due to this news, the topic of Thomar’s cheating and affairs news is also trending on the internet.

Thomar Latrell Simmons Cheating
Thomar Latrell Simmons was also linked with the missing case of Carlee Russell. (Source: Yahoo)

Moreover, Simmons is making rounds after he deleted all the posts linked to Carlee. Reportedly in the past, his social media handles were images covered with Carlee, but recently, he wiped out all of them.

Due to that, many rumors are circulating on the internet. Many people are asking questions and suspect that Simmons was also involved in the disappearance of Carlee Russell.

Was Thomas Latrell Simmons Involved In Carlee Russell Disappearance?

As of now, nothing can be confirmed regarding this matter, but rumors are circulating on the internet saying that Thomas Latrell Simmons was also involved in the vanishment of Carlee Russell.

When Carlee went missing, Thomas also took to his Facebook account to react to the news and insisted that she was kidnapped, but she fought her way out to survival. 

Simmons claimed that Carlee was actually kidnapped and is currently recovering after having gone through the terrible ordeal. Simmons also thanked those who helped him to search for his girlfriend.

Thomas Latrell Simmons
Thomas Latrell Simmons has deleted the images of his girlfriend, Carlee Russell, from social media. (Source: Thedistin)

As Thomas was also linked with the missing case, and many people alleged him. After receiving tons of messages, he made a lengthy post on Instagram after Carlee’s return home on July 15.

As said earlier, Thomas has deleted everything related to Carlee from his social media handles, and the post made by him can’t be found too. 

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