Carlos Maslatón Esposa

Via this article, get to know the personal life affairs of notable politician Carlos Maslaton. Carlos Maslaton Esposa is Mariquita Delvecchio, and they share a thriving marriage.

Carlos Maslaton is a prominent figure in Argentina’s politics and business sector. Born on December 191958, he developed a deep interest and passion for the political arena, and he had leadership skills from a young age.

To keep his detailed introduction, Carlos is a former politician, financial analyst, lawyer, bitcoin advocate, trader, and influencer from Argentina.

As a part of UCEDE (Union of the Democratic Centre), he was elected in 1987 to the Buenos Aires City Council while being originally active in student politics.

Additionally, Maslaton has been a member of La Libertad Avanza since 2021, and he intends briefly to run in the 2023 elections for president. 

Furthermore, in the PASO primary, he wanted to challenge the coalition’s candidacy of Milei.

However, the coalition rejected his request to challenge the January 20, 2023 nomination. Maslaton withdrew from the contest and declared he would continue to be an LLA member.

Apart from his professional endeavors, let’s learn his private life, wife and family tree.

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Who Is Carlos Maslatón Esposa Mariquita Delvecchio?

Mariquita Delvecchio is widely recognized as Carlos Maslaton esposa, but she is much more than that and has her own distinct identity.

They married in 2008. Before tying the knot, they were in a relationship for several years. It’s been over 15 years since their marriage, and their love seems to continue.

Unconditional love, support, honesty, and trust in each other made their marriage possible. Furthermore, the pair first met at the UBA.

Carlos Maslaton Esposa graduated as a lawyer, but before that, she studied economics and psychology even though she didn’t complete both degrees.

Carlos Maslatón Esposa
Carlos Maslaton Esposa, Mariquita (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Mariquita identifies as a lawyer and a modern, liberal, and feminist woman.

She supports drug legalization and has a very distinct political definition. She and her spouse reside in the fabled Kavanagh Building.

Mariquita was born in 1959 in Pergamino and moved to Buenos Aires with her family at 10. She attended the University of Buenos Aires to study law and arrived there when she was 30, already dating Carlos.

While studying, Delvecchio also worked in many jobs, such as a real estate agency in Puerto Madero. Still, Carlos’ wife now works in City Magistracy’s council. 

Apart from her professional endeavors, Mariquita is an extraordinarily loving and supportive wife, and she has been the most extensive support system in Carlos’ life.

The doting couple shares a thriving and enduring marriage, and we hope their marriage will stand firm against all odds. 

A Look At Carlos Maslaton Family Tree 

Carlos Maslaton was welcomed into this world on December 19, 1958, iDecember 19s by a Syrian Jews family active in the textile business. 

The identities of Carlos Maslaton’s parents haven’t been revealed yet, but it is known that his mother resides in lives in Israel alongside his sister. 

Additionally, Carlos grew up alongside his sister Karina, but the two don’t share a tight-knit bond anymore following several political disputes.

Apart from this, much less is known about Maslaton’s family tree since he prefers to keep his personal life low-key.

Carlos Maslatón Esposa
Carlos Maslaton, Alongside His Loving And Supportive Wife. (Source: Instagram)

Speaking of his early days, the former politician traveled to Canaan from Ur-Caldea with the patriarch Abraham, and lived as an enslaved person in Egypt surrounded by Israelites.

He helped Yehoshua Bin Nun conquer the promised land, landed in Syria after being exiled to Spain, and traveled straight to Argentire.

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