Carrie Bickmore Fired

People are wondering whether or not Carrie Bickmore was fired after she announced that she was leaving The Project.

Australian television personality and radio host Carrie Bickmore is well-known. As a last-minute replacement for a sick coworker, Carrie started her career as a newsreader on Perth’s 92.9FM.

Her Father, Brian Bickmore, worked as a radio announcer and later held Executive positions within the Austereo network. The station subsequently hired her to read the news regularly.

On the variety show Rove Live, where she hosted the segment “Carrie @ the News Desk” for each episode, Bickmore made her television debut in 2006. She has received numerous accolades for her television work and holds the title of the most well-known presenter.

Is Carrie Bickmore Fired? 

Carrie Bickmore did not get fired but publicly announced that she was leaving The Project after 13 years.

The Project’s original co-host Carrie Bickmore announced that, after 13 years, she would be leaving the Channel Ten program at the end of November. It was time for a new challenge and the next chapter, and she said that making this decision had been the hardest of her professional life. She kept her plans a secret at the time.

Carrie Bickmore leaving
When Carrie Bickmore announced that she would be leaving The Project, she started crying. (Source: Twitter)

Bickmore was The Project’s longest-serving panelist, outlasting her original co-host Charlie Pickering and in-house comedian Dave Hughes.

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The winner of the 2015 Gold Logie used her acceptance speech to raise awareness of brain Cancer, which claimed her husband Greg Lange’s life in 2010. With her husband, Chris Walker, Bickmore had two more kids and expressed a desire to spend more evenings at home.

Where Is Carrie Bickmore Going After Leaving The Projects? 

Carrie Bickmore, the show’s longtime host, has confirmed she won’t be leaving her radio program soon as The Project audience gets ready to bid farewell to her.

Carrie Bickmore and Tommy
Tommy Little and Carrie Bickmore have signed on for the next four years on The Hit Network’s national drive show. (Source:

The national Drive show, Carrie & Tommy, will continue to be hosted by Bickmore and Tommy Little for the ensuing four years, according to a press release from The Hit Network. The information then fueled rumors that she might switch to a competing TV station.

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She vowed not to cry until the show was over on her final performance in November, which she began by holding a glass of champagne. But when she noticed her coworkers waiting in line to say goodbye, she could not hold back her tears.

Carrie Bickmore’s Salary And Net Worth In The Project

According to ladbible, Bickmore, one of the highest-paid presenters in Australia, has a net worth of more than $5 million as of 2023.

One of the most well-paid presenters in Australian history is Bickmore. Bickmore was paid $1.1 million annually by the Insiders to host the program from Monday through Wednesday. The top breakfast show hosts in the country, like David Koch and Natalie Barr of Channel Seven’s Sunrise, reportedly make about $800,000 annually. They are offered much less than that.

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Additionally, Tracy Grimshaw of Channel Nine, who some have speculated Bickmore might be replacing, reportedly makes less money than Bickmore. She allegedly received high pay even at the beginning of The Project.

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