Catalina Jaramillo Antioquia Assembly

Catalina Jaramillo video has gone viral on the internet as the Antioquia Assembly candidate was seen in bed with her partner. Find out more about her scandal here.

Catalina Jaramillo is a Colombian politician who is making rounds on the internet after being the Antioquia Assembly candidate for the Green Party.

Jaramillo has a Facebook page from where she is making regular posts. Mainly, Jaramillo shares photos and videos of her campaign and also asks for votes.

Apart from that, Catalina’s name has been dragged into controversy as her private video has gone viral on various social media handles, including Twitter.

With the viral video, many people are criticizing Catalina and are asking for more facts regarding the ongoing situation.

Assembly Candidate Catalina Jaramillo Video Viral

Antioquia Assembly candidate Catalina Jaramillo video has gone viral on various social media handles, including Twitter and Facebook. It has been said that a private video of Catalina was leaked.

In the viral video, Catalina was seen in a bed with her partner. It appears like she recorded the video in the morning time as she was not wearing clothes but was covered with a blanket.

Catalina Jaramillo Video
Catalina Jaramillo private video from the bed went viral as it was reportedly leaked. ( Source: IMF notice )

Furthermore, Catalina recorded the video after spending a night with her partner and even said something that left many people shocked.

After the video was shared, it went viral and sparked all kinds of reactions, both for and against. The video can be found on Twitter and other social media platforms, as it has been shared by many Twitter accounts.

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All About Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Footage And Photo

Catalina Jaramillo leaked footage, and the photo has dragged the eyes of many people. As said earlier, she recorded a video of herself from a bed with her partner.

In the video, Jaramillo said various things and her partner was also seen kissing her in the clip. The visual content, according to the aspirant, was leaked as it was for her close circle of the campaign.

Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Footage
Catalina Jaramillo has gone viral after private footage of her with her partner was leaked on social media. ( Source: Facebook )

Many people on the internet also took screenshots of the viral clip and posted it online, which created a buzz on the internet. 

Furthermore, the viral tape has gained the attention of many national media, and everyone has claimed that Catalina decided to record this message after a night of passion with her partner and send it to her voters. 

Catalina Jaramillo Thoughts On Her Viral Video

After receiving a huge backlash on the internet, Catalina Jaramillo opened up about her video. Catalina shared a video on her Facebook account saying that her private video was leaked by someone without her permission.

In the video, Jaramillo reportedly asked for votes from bed. It has been said that Catalina shared the video with her nearby campaign circle, as regional elections are just around the corner.

Catalina Jaramillo Thoughts
Catalina Jaramillo posted a video on her Facebook talking about her viral video, which was shared recently. ( Source: Facebook )

Furthermore, Jaramillo denied everything and said she recorded the clip herself but didn’t share it with anyone. Not only that, but she also said that she didn’t record the video to get votes.

For your information, when the video went viral, many people claimed that it was a plan to get votes but Jaramillo said that it may have been leaked by opponents. 

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