Catherine Kasavuli Husband

Catherine Kasavuli Husband has been one of the highest trending topics in the past few hours as people try to determine the existence of Catherine Kasavuli Husband after the news of the anchor’s death went viral.

Suppose you are among the people interested in the personal life of veteran Journalist Catherine Kasavuli. 

In that case, you are at the right place as we will cover the details of her life, including Catherine Kasavuli Husband, net worth, and so on. 

In 1980, Kasavuli began her career as a radio continuity announcer at the Voice of Kenya, afterward known as KBC. 

Her uncle counseled her on her job application after hearing her read from the Bible and pray at supper. At the time, she had just turned 18.

Later, in 1985, Kasavuli went to television at the business. After working for two years without professional training, Kasavuli enrolled in the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. 

She joined the founding group of KTN, Kenya’s first privately owned television station, in March 1990. Catherine changed the station’s pre-recorded format and became the first anchor to broadcast live.

Kasavuli worked with KTN for 17 years before leaving in 2007 to join Royal Media Services-owned Citizen TV. 

She was a part of the widespread exodus that saw several prominent news anchors, including Swaleh Mdoe and Louis Otieno, leave the TV station owned by the Standard Group for Citizen TV. 

Later, she worked as the corporate affairs manager for Royal Media Services, Citizen TV’s parent business. Kasavuli left the spotlight in 2015 to work on the production.

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Catherine Kasavuli Husband: Was She Married Before Death? 

After hearing about the anchor’s passing, people began searching online for Catherine Kasavuli Husband, making it one of the most popular trending topics in the last several hours.

Consider yourself among those who want to learn more about the personal life of seasoned journalist Catherine Kasavuli.

If that is the case, you’ve come to the perfect spot since we will discuss every facet of her life, including her husband, net worth, and other significant facts.

Catherine Kasavuli
Catherine Kasavuli’s colleagues visited her while she battled cancer. (Source: TUKO)

Many media outlets claim that the veteran Journalist was married, but no information confirms the fact. She was reluctant to share the personal side of her story with the public. 

Martin, Kasavuli’s only child, was born in 1981. According to reports, Catherine laments missing the first years of his life because she had to leave him at home so she could focus on her busy profession. 

After leaving the television industry, she formed Kasavuli Media Group Limited and controlled several companies, including a broadcasting school. 

While battling cervical Cancer at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Nairobi, Kenya, where she had been confined and receiving treatment since October 2022, she passed away on the evening of December 29, 2022, at the age of 60.

Catherine Kasavuli Net Worth Details

According to reports, her net worth is estimated at around $3 million. She had a stellar career here. She inspired millions of little girls in her country, and they idolized her. 

Eight years after quitting television, Kasavuli made a triumphant return to Kenyan television screens towards the end of July 2021, anchoring weekend news for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Catherine Kasavuli
Catherine Kasavuli was one of the highest-earning journalists in her country. (Source: Tuko)

She said, “I intended to come to KBC to train anchors to perfect their talents but never imagined an offer of this size,” in an interview following her comeback. 

Despite being a well-known public figure, the ever-smiling, soft-spoken anchor preferred to keep her private life a secret, unlike her successors in the Kenyan media industry.

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