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Scott Ross was a revered icon in Christian broadcasting, remembered for his unwavering commitment to spreading faith and compassion.

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He joined the 700 Club, becoming a beloved host and interviewer, connecting with audiences globally. Beyond TV, his humanitarian projects showcased his compassionate heart.

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Scott Ross Age: How Old Was 700 Club Member?

Scott Ross, a prominent figure in Christian broadcasting, passed away at the age of 73 on August 10, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of faith and compassion.

Born in 1950, Ross’s upbringing in a devout Christian family fueled his lifelong commitment to sharing the Gospel.

With a strong calling to ministry, he attended a theological seminary and ventured into media to reach wide audiences.

His warm demeanour, empathy, and ability to connect with diverse individuals endeared him to viewers for over four decades.

Ross excelled as a host, interviewer, and storyteller, leaving a profound impact through in-depth conversations, transformational testimonies, and coverage of humanitarian efforts.

Scott Ross Age
Scott Ross, a Christian broadcasting icon, passed at the age of 73. (Image Source: Twitter)

Beyond the screen, Ross’s dedication to aiding those in need through charitable initiatives and humanitarian projects showcased his compassionate heart.

His commitment to spreading Christ’s love through action reverberated globally, aiding communities struck by adversity.

Tributes from colleagues, viewers, and friends highlighted his kindness and wisdom.

While the world mourns his loss, Ross’s enduring legacy prevails, embodying the message that all things are possible with God. A grateful family and a community of believers survive him.

CBN Scott Ross Wikipedia 

Scott Ross, a former American radio disc jockey, was well-known as an interviewer for “The 700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Originally born in Scotland, Ross and his parents emigrated when he was nine. Beginning his career in the 1960s, he was a DJ and assistant program director for WINS radio in Long Island.

Ross established connections with iconic rock groups such as the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan during this time.

He even had the privilege of being the master of ceremonies for one of The Beatles’ concerts at Shea Stadium.

Throughout this period, Ross became romantically involved with members of the singing group The Ronettes, one of whom, Nedra Talley, would later become his wife.

Undergoing a spiritual transformation, Ross embraced Christianity and dedicated his professional efforts to the emerging genre of contemporary Christian music.

In the early 1970s, he initiated a syndicated radio show named “The Scott Ross Show,” reaching over 200 stations at its peak.

Subsequently, Ross found his place at CBN, which included The Family Channel as part of its offerings.

He initially became a personality on CBN’s local radio station. His occasionally contentious remarks stirred reactions within the predominantly conservative Christian audience.

Scott Ross Age
Scott Ross, ex-DJ, renowned “The 700 Club” interviewer on Christian Broadcasting Network. (Image Source: RDCNews-)

Ross became a prominent interviewer on “The 700 Club,” engaging in conversations with entertainment world guests, some of whom he had collaborated with before his religious conversion.

For three years, he hosted “Scott Ross Straight Talk,” a talk show sharing similarities with “The Phil Donahue Show,” albeit from an evangelical Christian perspective.

Ross earned two CableACE award nominations for this show.

Ross’s interviewees often came from non-Christian circles, occasionally leading to conflicts with CBN staff. Nevertheless, CBN founder Pat Robertson steadfastly supported him.

Ross’s contributions endured at CBN, where his interviews continued to be featured on “The 700 Club.”

Over time, he occasionally stepped in for Robertson on the show, though this became less frequent recently.

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